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Meet Coding Dojo, Seattle newest coding boot camp | StartupSeattle

Choi's California creation has now come to Seattle, and held its second 12-week boot camp began in May, with a third scheduled for August 4, and plans in the works to offer a summer coding camp exclusively for girls in under-served communities. dojo students. While many of Coding … Choi credits this approach for the impressive employment rate: 92% of the Coding Dojo's “black belt certified students” are hired within 60 days of graduation. “Within one week after …

Should Schools Treat Coding as a 'Basic Literacy'? – Teaching Now …


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The Wall Street Journal has a nice piece on the growing interest in out-of-school coding classes, even among very young students.

The story notes that kids as young as 7 years old are now taking basic coding classes online and that, at least in New York City, afterschool private lessons in coding—akin to piano lessons or private academic tutoring—are not unheard of. Meanwhile, coding “boot camps” are gaining popularity among older students looking to gain marketable skills.  

Enrollment in Web-development classes offered to elementary and middle school students by the Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth has grown from 63 students in 2009 to 762 this year, according to the piece. The director of the program, Patricia Wallace, attributes the dramatic rise to a relative dearth of computer science offerings in schools.

On the educational value of coding, the piece quotes Adam Enbar, founder of New York’s Flatiron School, which offers a number of pricey computer-programming courses, including a two-week session for high school students:  

“I equate coding to reading and writing and basic literacy. Not everyone needs to be Shakespeare, just as not everyone needs to be an amazing developer,” he says. “But … we’re entering a world where every job, if not already, will be technical.”

Education leaders and policymakers appear to be recognizing this trend, too. (How could they not?)  As Liana Heitin reported recently in Education Week, a growing number of states and districts have taken steps to increase computer science offerings and better integrate them into their core curricula.

One major hurdle, experts say, has been finding and training teachers who have the expertise needed to teach such courses (particularly in a way that will engage already tech-savvy students). It’s also been noted that neither the Common Core State Standards in math nor the proposed Next Generation Science Standards explicitly includes computer science.



OPERATION: CPC! 3-day intense coding boot camp » Mediquick PS

TXCC Young Girl in Classroom 150x150 OPERATION: CPC!  3 day intense coding boot campOperation CPC Brochure

It’s back!  Operation CPC, an intense 3-day classroom training seminar is here to help you pass your CPC examination.  Approved for 24 CEUs by the American Academy of Professional Coders, this information-packed seminar will not only help the student who is seeking to achieve their CPC examination, but it will also provide a great overall refresher of coding and a large dose of CEUs for the certified coder!


Offered through MediQuick’s partnering company — Texas Career Center, this course will only be offered twice in 2014, and classes are limited to no more than 10 students to allow for maximum interaction and educational benefit.  For more information on the content of the three days of training, see our Operation CPC brochure on this page, or call us at (817) 923-5553.


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Data academies, coding camps under scrutiny in California …

At face value, the promise of creating new data scientists in only 12 weeks sounds too good to be true, both for employers and employees–which may be why several such “boot camps” suddenly find themselves under scrutiny.

And it’s no secret that data scientists are in high demand in 2014. But some professionals may not have the time or money to go back to school and get a data science or computer engineering degree. As an alternative, these data and coding academies, which say they offer preparation for some coding and data scientist roles in only a few months, are popping up all around California.

One such academy is Zipfian–which is a big data boot camp of sorts that teaches students about coding, data and more in three months and for around $16,000 before deferral or hiring reimbursement plans, according to an article in InformationWeek and the academy’s site.

A typical day at the academy might include a communal breakfast with open office hours, followed by code review and a lecture in the morning, open work time and lunch with guest speakers mid-day and open work time or hack on exercises–and sometimes more guest lectures–in the evening, according to its site.

Zipfian’s CEO Ryan Orban told InformationWeek that the academy has even partnered with a few big tech companies–such as Facebook and LinkedIn–for post-camp positions. (Orban did not respond to a request for an interview with FierceCIO).

But before IT hiring managers get too anxious, take note–some of these coding academies have come under scrutiny recently by the local regulators in California who say they need to be regulated like other educational institutions

An article in InfoWorld notes that the camps could face $50,000 fines or closed doors if they don’t comply with the state’s Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, which claims they are running “as unlicensed postsecondary educational institutions,” InfoWorld said

In addition to Zipfian, InfoWorld notes that Hackbright Academy, Dev Bootcamp, Hack Reactor, App Academy are also coming under scrutiny in the Golden State. Some of the groups have already started working with regulators, the article added. 

InfoWorld  points out that while the likes of some academies “have the flavor of a trade school and cite their graduates’ offers for jobs with name-brand tech companies after completing their courses,” other groups, like those that are promoted as more as learn-to-code, skills “camps” may see themselves as more unconventional–and thus in need of less regulation. 

The first group of about a dozen students at San Francisco-based Zipfian started in mid-September and were set to finish up in early January. The next batch was slated to start late last month, according to the academy’s site.

At a time when data scientists are in such high demand that they have been deemed the “rock stars” of the IT world, tech companies, aspiring data scientists–and those in the tech media–will no doubt be keeping a close eye on how this regulatory dance plays out. 

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31 Reasons You Should Be At Pubcon New Orleans 2014 On March …

Pubcon New Orleans 2014 at the New Orleans Convention Center will be one of the year’s biggest
Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Platinum Sponsor Internet Marketing Ninjas

Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Platinum Sponsor Internet Marketing Ninjas

and best technology conferences, filled with the latest digital marketing, social media, search, and optimization learning, all in one of the world’s most exciting cities over the St. Patrick’s Day week.


While it’s impossible to list every reason that makes Pubcon a Forbes must-attend conference and an Inc. top conference for growing your business, presented here are a selection of just some of the features that are driving top industry professionals to register and join us for Pubcon New Orleans 2014.

  1. Dr. Robert Cialdini keynote

    Dr. Robert Cialdini, professor emeritus of psychology and marketing at Arizona State University,

    Dr. Robert Cialdini, Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Kick-Off Keynote Speaker

    Dr. Robert Cialdini, Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Kick-Off Keynote Speaker

    social psychologist, and author of the bestselling book “Influence: Science & Practice”, will kick off Pubcon New Orleans 2014 with a boundary-pushing keynote address that will help you and your business use the full power of online influence.


    Cialdini — considered the “Godfather of influence,” — is an internationally-heralded expert in the fields of persuasion, compliance, and negotiation, and his New York Times bestselling book — listed by Fortune Magazine as one of the “75 Smartest Business Books” and by CEO Read as one of the “100 Best Business Books of All Time” — has been published in 27 languages.


  3. Peter Shankman keynote

    Pubcon in The Big Easy also offers up a bold keynote by influential author and angel investor

    Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Keynote Speaker Peter Shankman

    Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Keynote Speaker Peter Shankman

    Peter Shankman, principal and co-founder at global consultancy Shankman | Honig and founder of Help A Reporter Out (HARO). PR Week magazine has described Shankman as “redefining the art of networking,” and Investor’s Business Daily has called him “crazy, but effective,” and we’re happy to bring him to Pubcon audiences for the first time for Pubcon New Orleans 2014 on March 17 – 20.


    A well-respected author, entrepreneur, speaker, and worldwide connector, Shankman is globally recognized for radically new ways of thinking about marketing, customer service, advertising, social media, and PR, and is sure to help Pubcon attendees expand their businesses’ reach in oftentimes under-utilized ways.


  5. Tim Ash keynote

    Pubcon New Orleans 2014 will feature a major keynote address by landing page pioneer and

    Tim Ash, Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Keynote Speaker

    Tim Ash, Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Keynote Speaker

    innovator Tim Ash, the bestselling author and chief executive at landing page optimization firm SiteTuners who literally wrote the book on landing page optimization, as author of e-commerce bestseller “Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide To Testing and Tuning for Conversions,” which is now in its second edition and has been translated into six languages.


    A computer scientist and cognitive scientist by education, with PhD studies in artificial intelligence and neural networks, Ash has developed a world-renowned expertise in user-centered design, landing page testing, along with persuasion and understanding online behavior. In the mid-1990s Ash became one of the early pioneers in the discipline of website conversion rate optimization, and we’re happy to present his first major Pubcon keynote address at our Big Easy event.


  7. Danny Bernstein keynote

    Danny Bernstein of Google+ will also deliver his first-ever Pubcon keynote presentation, and as

    Danny Bernstein of Google Plus, Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Keynote Speaker

    Danny Bernstein of Google Plus, Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Keynote Speaker

    head of product partnerships for Platform at Google, leading a team responsible for product-enabling partnerships that drive adoption of Google platforms by developers and partners, he is certain to deliver an intriguing and thought-provoking address to Pubcon New Orleans 2014 attendees.


    Bernstein joined Google when the company acquired Meebo in June, 2012, was Meebo’s first business hire, and oversaw business and publisher development. Bernstein has led teams that grew the company’s reach to 250 million worldwide unique visitors, and forged partnerships with traditional media companies including NBC, CBS, Hearst, and Time Inc., and we’re excited to feature him at Pubcon.


  9. Roger Dooley Pubcon Masters Group training keynote

    For those attending the optional Monday Pubcon Masters Group training day, noted neuromarketing expert Roger Dooley, founder of Dooley Direct LLC, will kick off an updated

    Roger Dooley, Founder, Dooley Direct LLC

    Roger Dooley, Founder, Dooley Direct LLC

    training program during Pubcon New Orleans 2014.


    Dooley is a popular consultant and entrepreneur who deftly combines knowledge of emerging phenomena such as neuromarketing and social networking with decades of hands-on marketing experience. He has helped many companies understand the implications of new technologies and techniques, and has guided them in implementing practical strategies to adapt to them. Dooley — who is also a guest columnist at Forbes — has been quoted frequently in the mainstream press on topics ranging from brain fitness marketing to Web communities and social networks. He holds an engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from the University of Tennessee.


  11. Paid Facebook and Google Training with Dennis Yu, Brad Geddes, and Frederick Vallaeys

    Three of the world’s top paid Google and Facebook advertising innovators will combine to lead one of three strong Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Masters Group tracks, as BlitzMetrics chief executive and Facebook marketing expert Dennis Yu, Certified Knowledge founder and popular Pubcon speaker Brad Geddes, and former senior product evangelist for Google AdWords Frederick Vallaeys, now founder and chief executive of Top Tier Marketing and Optmyzr, offer up a full day of training.


    Join Yu, Vallaeys and Geddes, some of the world’s top PPC experts, for the updated Pubcon Masters Group training program Google and Facebook advertising track, and examine the unique challenges and opportunities that online advertising professionals face daily.

  13. Organic training with Bill Hunt, Joe Laratro, and Eric Enge

    The Pubcon Masters Group organic SEO track will feature intensive day-long educational workshops lead by Joe Laratro, president of Tandem Interactive, Back Azimuth Consulting president Bill Hunt, and noted SEO consultant Eric Enge, president of Stone Temple Consulting.


    The Pubcon Masters Group is a popular limited-attendance educational training program that features an intensive complete day of industry-leading social media, Google and Facebook advertising, and organic SEO learning from expert instructors.


  15. Social media training with Lisa Buyer, Krista Neher, and Jabez LeBret

    The Pubcon Masters Group social media marketing track at Pubcon New Orleans 2014 will feature workshops on Facebook and Twitter advertising optimization and marketing and other social media subjects, with Jabez LeBret, chief innovation officer at law firm marketing agency Get Noticed Get Found, Krista Neher, chief executive at Boot Camp Digital, and Lisa Buyer, chief executive and president at The Buyer Group.


    Pubcon enlisted Buyer, Lebret and Neher to share 2014’s social media for business best practices, trends and direction. Each brings a unique perspective to this advanced workshop designed to offer actionable take-aways in an interactive atmosphere.


  17. Pubcon Classic New Orleans at Tropical Isle on Bourbon Street

    Join us on Thursday, March 20 as Pubcon New Orleans returns at the Tropical Isle Bourbon —

    Pubcon New Orleans Nightlife. Photo: Tim Ash

    Pubcon New Orleans Nightlife. Photo: Tim Ash

    one of the most central and exciting spots in The Big Easy — to celebrate and network with your favorite Pubcon speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, partners, and attendees. Pubcon Classic New Orleans is the perfect technology industry networking event to put an official exclamation point on a week full of technology learning at Pubcon New Orleans 2014.


    Don’t miss the world’s top technology professionals networking on Tropical Isle’s scenic balcony overlooking one of Bourbon Street’s most bustling spots at Pubcon New Orleans 2014.


  19. Pubcon Bourbon Cowboy Networking Event on Bourbon Street

    Join us on Tuesday, March 18 as Pubcon New Orleans 2014 holds a lively and fun networking

    Pubcon Bourbon Cowboy Networking Event at Pubcon New Orleans 2014

    Pubcon Bourbon Cowboy Networking Event at Pubcon New Orleans 2014

    event upstairs on the balconies of the Bourbon Cowboy — one of the most central and exciting spots in New Orleans — to meet and network with top Pubcon speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, partners, and attendees.


    Featuring some of the most exciting and scenic balconies in The Big Easy, the Bourbon Cowboy will offer something for all Pubcon attendees. Whether you want to network in an easy-going atmosphere with new colleagues or potential business partners or take a wild ride on a mechanical bull ride, the Pubcon Bourbon Cowboy Networking Event will be the place to gather on Tuesday evening during Pubcon New Orleans 2014, as we take over the scenic balconies overlooking one of Bourbon Street’s most entertaining and lively spots.


  21. Five session tracks daily

    Pubcon New Orleans 2014 will feature multiple sub-conferences of cutting-edge sessions

    Informative Pubcon Tracks

    Informative Pubcon Tracks

    highlighting the world’s best technology speakers. Many of these top speakers presenting consider Pubcon to be their favorite event, and their enthusiasm for Pubcon New Orleans 2014 will be apparent as attendees will be treated to insights, education and research that just won’t be shared at any other conference.


    Pubcon New Orleans 2014 features impressive session tracks dedicated to search engine optimization (SEO), local search issues, social media optimization (SMO), building links, search marketing, social media marketing (SMM), content marketing, and in-house SEO, along with complete tracks that focus on Pubcon’s famous live interactive site reviews and our expert spotlights — where you get more uninterrupted time with some of the world’s top speakers.


  23. More than 70 sessions

    More than 70 stellar social media and online marketing and technology sessions are lined up

    Internet Marketing Ninjas at Pubcon New Orleans 2013 Expo Hall. Photo: Tim Ash

    Internet Marketing Ninjas at Pubcon New Orleans 2013 Expo Hall. Photo: Tim Ash

    for Pubcon New Orleans 2014, featuring a virtual who’s who on the world’s best new media and digital marketing innovators, including Dennis Yu, Will Scott, Jennifer Vaniderstyne, Dixon Jones, Steve Hammer, John Ellis, Michael Gray, Brad Geddes, Christine Churchill, Duane Forrester, and so many more.


    Check out the entire exceptionally strong lineup of sessions, tracks, and speakers here — an astonishingly diverse collection on tap for you at Pubcon New Orleans 2014.


  25. Live interactive site reviews

    A full slate of our perennially-popular live interactive site reviews is also scheduled for Pubcon



    New Orleans 2014, giving you the rare and valuable opportunity to have your business’ website examined by some of the world’s leading digital marketing and social media experts, and receive helpful feedback.


  27. Inc. named Pubcon a top conference for growing your business

    Inc. writer Larry Kim recently featured Pubcon New Orleans 2014 as a “marketing conference that will help your business grow this year,” noting that Pubcon “has an excellent reputation for expert speakers and killer after-parties; it’s definitely a behemoth in terms of attendance and the



    variety of topics covered.” Join us in The Big Easy and find out for yourself why Pubcon has for more than 14 years been the conference of choice for those looking to propel their business’ online strategies.


  29. Forbes featured Pubcon as a “Must-Attend Conferences for Entrepreneurs”

    Forbes’ John Hall featured Pubcon as one of the “Must-Attend Conferences for Entrepreneurs”, and for 2014 we’ve turned up the intensity for our big Pubcon New Orleans event.


  31. New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is a Pubcon fan

    Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella is a past Pubcon keynote speaker from our 2008 Las

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Pubcon Las Vegas 2008 Keynote Speaker

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Pubcon Las Vegas 2008 Keynote Speaker

    Vegas event, and has praised the event. “Pubcon has established itself as a rich forum for Web professionals of all shapes and sizes to come together to network, learn, and share the latest on SEM topics and more,” Nadella noted.


    During his well-received Pubcon Las Vegas keynote address, Nadella — then Microsoft senior vice president of search for the MSN portal and advertising platform group — launched Microsoft’s “Silk Road” project for Live Search, and spent time speaking with many Pubcon attendees after his keynote concluded.


  33. Pubcon is happening during the exciting St. Patrick’s Day week in New Orleans

    New Orleans celebrates St. Patrick’s Day Louisiana style, and Pubcon takes place during this exciting week of parades and activities in The Big Easy.


  35. A large slate of industry exhibitors will be available in our exposition hall

    Join platinum sponsor Internet Marketing Ninjas and a large selection of sponsors including

    Pubcon Exhibitors

    Pubcon Exhibitors

    AuthorityLabs, Moz, SEMrush, Skyrocket SEO, rmoov, Stone Temple Consulting, and WebmasterWorld, along with exhibitors including Analytics SEO, Infusionsoft, Internet Marketing Ninjas, Page One Power, Poppin, Textbroker, topseos, and Website Magazine, among other.


    There’s still time to reserve your company’s spot in the expo hall and to take advantage of one of the many available sponsorships for Pubcon New Orleans 2014, an ideal way to get people at one of the busiest conferences of the year talking about your company.


  37. Meet Pubcon’s excellent selection of authors and get a signed copies of their books

    Meet your favorite new media and optimization authors and have them sign copies of their

    Pubcon Author Book-Signing Event

    Pubcon Author Book-Signing Event

    books at the Pubcon New Orleans 2014 author book signing booth in the exhibition hall. Look for a detailed schedule of book signings in the coming weeks before Pubcon New Orleans 2014 begins.


  39. Pubcon is the longest-running industry conference proudly using the same name

    Pubcon is now the longest-running industry conference under the same name, which means that with a prestigious history dating to 2000, this is Pubcon’s fourteenth year, and with roots dating back all the way to 1980s bulletin board systems, Pubcon offers a time-tested online communication foundation unlike any other.


  41. You’ll have the unprecedented opportunity to see over 100 extraordinary social media and digital marketing speakers throughout the week
  42. Astounding Pubcon Sessions

    Astounding Pubcon Sessions


    Pubcon offers an astounding lineup of speakers. For example, the Pubcon New Orleans 2014 SEO conference track includes a session on activating your brand advocates featuring Rob Fuggetta, founder and chief executive at Zuberance, a panel discussion on mobile search and marketing led by Jeff Lancaster, chief executive at Catalyst Canada, and John Busby, senior vice president at Marchex, and a session entitled “International Search and Destination SEO” featuring Michael Bonfils, managing partner at International Media Management, Anne Kennedy, international search strategist at Beyond Ink, and Eli Schwartz, online marketing manager at SurveyMonkey.


  43. Kristopher Jones

    Kristopher Jones, chairman at Internet Marketing Ninjas, is an accomplished entrepreneur and investor. As founder and former president and chief executive at Pepperjam — a full-service

    Kristopher Jones

    Kristopher Jones

    Internet marketing agency and affiliate network — Jones led the company to three straight Inc. Magazine fastest growing company recognitions, as well as the eventual acquisition of the firm by GSI Commerce/eBay.


    Jones is also managing partner at KBJ Capital, an early stage technology angel investment fund, which includes portfolio companies,,,,, Online Marketing Institute,, and APPEK Mobile Apps, among others. Jones is the best-selling author of “SEO Visual Blueprint” and is a frequent speaker, and moderator at conferences and Universities worldwide.


    At Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Jones will take part in an interactive site review focusing on local search, a “Local Search: Reviews and Rankings” panel presentation, and will also be a moderation during the conference.


  45. Bruce Clay

    Bruce Clay is founder and president of Bruce Clay, Inc., a global Internet marketing optimization firm providing search engine optimization (SEO) services, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising management, content strategy and development, SEO training courses and online

    Bruce Clay at Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 U.S. Search Awards

    Bruce Clay at Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 U.S. Search Awards

    tools. Prior to launching Bruce Clay, Inc. in 1996, Clay operated as an executive with several high-tech businesses, with a far-reaching professional background in leading Silicon Valley firms.


    Clay holds an MBA from Pepperdine University, and a bachelor’s in math and computer science from Western Illinois University. As an industry thought leader, Clay is an accomplished speaker, author and educator. Clay speaks yearly at leading industry conferences and conducts training courses for students worldwide on concepts and methodologies related to Internet marketing. His insights have been featured in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, PC Week, Wired Magazine, Smart Money and others.


    His book “Search Engine Optimization All-in-One for Dummies” is more than 700 pages of hands-on, practical guidance for implementing comprehensive SEO. His “Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals” is a guide to using SEO and content marketing to reach and influence consumers online. Clay is also on the board of directors of SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization.


    During Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Clay will present the “SEO 2014″ expert spotlight session.


  47. Ann Smarty

    Internet Marketing Ninjas community and branding manager Ann Smarty has been working in various areas of the Internet marketing for seven years. Smarty hails from Ukraine where she

    Ann Smarty, Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Speaker

    Ann Smarty, Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Speaker

    got a Master’s degree in English and German, and began working in the SEO field when still in high school. Smarty’s background includes working as editor-in-chief at Search Engine Journal and being a regular columnist at some of the best-known Internet marketing publications including Moz, Mashable, Social Media Examiner, and others.


    Smarty also oversees community building at Threadwatch and the DevShed and Cre8site forums, with personal projects including and


    At Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Smarty will present during the “Google+ and Authorship – Hot Topics and Trends” panel, and help lead an interactive site review focusing on social media.


  49. Ralf Schwoebel

    Among the leading speakers scheduled to present at Pubcon New Orleans 2014 is Ralf

    Ralf Schwoebel, CEO, Tradebit, Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Moderator

    Ralf Schwoebel, CEO, Tradebit, Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Moderator

    Schwoebel, founder and chief executive at Germany’s Tradebit Inc.


    Schwoebel began involved with e-commerce when he opened one of the first Internet shopping malls in Germany in 1995 at the age of 22. Schwoebel’s background as a game developer and book author for the Commodore Amiga helped him to thrive in the new Internet era, and he is an active member of the Linux community and sponsors several open source projects with time and money.


    In 2004 Schwoebel started as a trading platform for digital goods (downloads), running on a self-made LAMP cluster of 16 nodes and serving more than 4.5 million requests daily as of August 2011 for over twenty thousand merchants. Schwoebel is a coder with a business mind, and a popular Pubcon speaker.


    In The Big Easy Schwoebel will be moderating the “Saving Your Search Visibility Through A Redesign” session.


  51. Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez, director of community for Moz, is an experienced social media strategist, SEO,

    Pubcon Sessions

    Pubcon Sessions

    Web developer, speaker, and writer. Lopez brings a unique skill-set to the field of search optimization and online community management. Lopez began her search career as an in-house technical SEO and in a noted conference speaker with a passion for all things search and social, and has gained a loyal following in the SEO community.


    At Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Lopez will present an expert spotlight session exploring social media tools.


  53. Sean Jackson

    Sean Jackson is a founding partner at Copyblogger Media, creators of,

    Sean Jackson, Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Speaker. Photo: Michael Dorausch

    Sean Jackson, Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Speaker. Photo: Michael Dorausch

    StudioPress/Genesis, Scribe SEO, Third Tribe, and other online properties. Often referred to as the “Geek that Speaks,” Jackson is passionate about technology and how it is applied to the needs of marketing.
    As a partner at Copyblogger, Jackson is responsible for and is CFO of the company. Jackson is an active member of the Dallas business community, holding leadership roles with the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) Search Marketing Association, and is past president of the Dallas Ad League.


    Jackson will take part in a Pubcon New Orleans 2014 content creation strategy session and a live interactive site review panel exploring content marketing and development.


  55. Dixon Jones

    Dixon Jones is marketing director at Majestic SEO, has been an active member of the

    Dixon Jones, Majestic SEO Marketing Director

    Dixon Jones, Majestic SEO Marketing Director

    international Internet marketing community since 1999, and is a regular speaker worldwide on search engine marketing and link building. Jones represents Majestic SEO on a global stage and at all levels of industry. Following an upbringing in Hong Kong, Jones’ background includes a degree in mathematics and management studies, and a student union presidency while at Brunel University. Jones’ first business venture was formed in 1989 and still survives in an online form to this day.


    For Pubcon in The Big Easy Jones will be delivering an expert spotlight session on alternative search, as well as moderating an interactive site review panel focusing on organic search.


  57. Tara Coomans

    Tara Coomans is founder and head brainstormer at Akamai Marketing, a Honolulu-based

    Tara Coomans, Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Speaker

    Tara Coomans, Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Speaker

    interactive marketing company. A creative marketing strategist who specializes in using social media, Coomans specializes in integrating social media with existing business needs in marketing, PR and customer service.


    Through her volunteer work at Social Media Club Hawaii (SMCHI) and as current president of the Hawaii Chapter, Coomans has developed a reputation as a leader in the use and development of social media analytics, developing a number of proprietary analytical tools to help evaluate social media ROI and identify KPIs for clients and colleagues.


    In New Orleans Coomans will lead the “Click Marketing – What Makes Us Click” expert spotlight session.


  59. Unbeatable industry networking

    Expanding Pubcon beyond the cutting-edge keynotes, training programs and industry leading

    Pubcon New Orleans 2014 at the New Orleans Convention Center

    Pubcon New Orleans 2014 at the New Orleans Convention Center

    sessions is an unrivaled slate of after-hours parties and networking events. There are oftentimes more evening networking events and parties during Pubcon than anyone could possibly attend, but by starting out with the biggest official ones you’ll be sure to get plenty of time to interact with the fantastic and one-of-a-kind Pubcon crowds, and still have time for late-night New Orleans excitement with the after-party events of your choice.


    Be sure to attend our Bourbon Street networking events at Tropical Isle and Bourbon Cowboy, and other events to be announced as we get closer to the March 17 – 20 week of Pubcon New Orleans 2013.


  61. What you learn is likely to more than pay for your time at Pubcon.

    Just look at what some of our past attendees have to say about the value of Pubcon.

Pubcon is much more than the sum of these 31 and the countless other parts that make up the event, however, and with registration still available some of the fairest prices in the industry, you won’t want to miss Pubcon New Orleans 2014 in one of the most exciting and unique cities in the world.


Lane R. Ellis

Lead Editor

Team Pubcon


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HCPro Announces the New JustCoding Virtual Summit on ICD-10 …

Danvers, MA (PRWEB) January 17, 2012

HCPro, Inc., the leading provider of integrated information, education, training, and consulting products and services in healthcare regulation and compliance, will be bringing together leading industry experts on coding and ICD-10 for three days of presentations and discussion, from February 29th through March 2nd, 2012.

The JustCoding Virtual Summit: ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS, will take place online and features two educational tracks: one for HIM Directors and Coding Supervisors, and one for Inpatient and Outpatient Coders. Both tracks will offer continuing education credits, and the summit attendees will have on-demand access to the events content for six months following the event.

Ilene MacDonald, CPC, Associate Editorial Director at HCPro commented, At a time when scheduling and budgeting for travel out of the office is difficult for many professionals, we are excited to be able to offer this timely and top quality opportunity to hear from the leading voices in our industry on ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS. Said MacDonald, There is no doubt that the need for education on the new coding system and how to implement this change is heating up rapidly. The JustCoding Virtual Summit is one of the many one-of-a-kind educational opportunities that we have planned for 2012, in response to that growing need.

The Summit sessions will take place from 12-3 p.m. EST each day from February 29th March 2nd. Each session will be a one hour and 15 minute Webcast with a presentation and a question and answer segment with faculty. Each day will include a 30-minute break for participants to network with peers, speakers, and moderators and visit the virtual exhibit hall.

Session presentations for the management track include the effect of ICD-10-CM/PCS on coder productivity, the documentation improvement necessary for ICD-10-CM/PCS code capture, implementation planning for ICD-10-CM/PCS transition, conducting coding and documentation assessments, and creating a role-specific organization-wide training and education plan. Included in the sessions for coders are how the new system works, the major differences between ICD-9-CM and the new system, how to code under ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS, and how to report multiple procedures under ICD-10-PCS.

The JustCoding Virtual Summit is sponsored by JustCoding, the continuing education web destination for HIM professionals, coders, and coding managers. HCPro, Inc. is also the sponsor of the HCPro ICD-10 Basics Boot Camp and the Certified Coder Boot Camp

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