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Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions and answers with full rationale

Pigtail catheter placed in ileal conduit–help please!

Which CPT codes would you use to code this report? I’ve never come across this before and I can’t find a code that matches closely.

Under fluoroscopic guidance, a guidewire was placed through the
ileostomy into the ileoconduit. A 5 French dilator was
then passed over the wire. The ileal conduit was injected with

The guidewire was replaced into the ileal conduit. A 12 French
pigtail catheter was then placed over the guidewire and
left within the ileal conduit.

12 French pigtail catheter placed in ileoconduit as described above.

Thanks for any feedback you can provide!

Danielle Kaszner, CPC

Medical Billing and Coding Forum – Interventional Radiology

New to anesthesia coding

I’ve recently started billing anesthesia claims for a ASC and I’m having trouble getting BCBS to pay these claims and of course no one at BCBS can answer my question.

Are anesthesia claims billed on a 1500 or UB 04? That’s all I need to know. I’m entering these claims on the BCBS website and something isn’t right. Not sure if I’m entering something wrong or not entering something. The only thing I can get out of BCBS is that it’s not on the correct form.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Teresa D

Medical Billing and Coding Forum – Anesthesia

How to Collaborate for EHR Usability

The number of health IT developers and products has increased significantly as a result of federal incentives for EHR adoption but correlates with the rise of provider dissatisfaction with the usability of these systems.

What providers expect from their EHR systems and what health IT developers deliver have proved not to be one in the same. This disconnect points to the need for the latter to focus on the needs of the former and deliver EHR technology that is user-centered.

Therefore, collaboration between health IT developers and clinical end-users is key to ensuring EHR systems are user-friendly in an industry rapidly adopting new technologies year after year to tackle new initiatives such as population health management and value-based care.

Collaboration between both sets of stakeholders begins by answering a simple but important question: What does EHR usability mean to clinicians? …


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Are Your Medical Billing Mistakes Costing Your Patients?

The low estimate on medical billing errors is $ 17 billion, according to a report from the Institute of Medicine. Even if the $ 29 billion they state as the top of the range is an overstatement, do you have your share of $ 17 billion to give back to patients and insurance companies? Furthermore, do you even want a part of the 250,000 patients who die each year because of medical errors (according to the medical journal BMJ) on your conscience?

Improving Medical Billing for Practices

Reporting Multiple Injections 96372

When billing for professional services, you should report 96372 Therapuetic, prophylactic, or diagnostic injection, specify substance, or drug; subcutaneous or intramuscular for each medically appropriate injection provided, as instructed in CPT Assistant (May 2010; Volume 20: Issue 5): Question: What is the appropriate CPT code to report when a patient receives two or three intramuscular […]
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Report Signs and Symptoms, Not Unconfirmed Diagnoses

In the outpatient setting, do not code a diagnosis unless it is certain. Examples of language seen in the medical record that identify uncertain diagnoses include: Probable Suspected Questionable Rule out Differential Working When a definitive diagnosis has not been determined, code the signs, symptoms, and abnormal test result(s) or other reasons for the visit. […]
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CSI Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Coders (HCC)

CSI Healthcare IT is actively seeking Traveling HCC Coders for a Large Project in the following cities:

Fort Worth, TX
Dallas, TX

*If you are close by to these cities and are willing to fly or drive, travel will be covered within the project. ALL Travel will be reimbursed (gas, etc)

Remote work unless you are have appointments onsite with clients
Certified Coder through AAPC
3 years of Risk Adjusting experience
Will be Educating, Auditing and Coding onsite
ICD-10 & HCC experience

If you are interested in hearing more about this opportunity, please reach out to directly with a copy of your resume to Meredith Smith,

Medical Billing and Coding Forum – General Discussion

Independent Coding Contractors

If anyone provides independent contract coding please consider a listing at

Each participant receives a mini website in where they can display a list of services and other pertinent details. Participants benefit from our 40,000 weekly views and will be included in all marketing efforts.

If interested please view the following link or contact me directly.


Mark Sluyter

Medical Billing and Coding Forum – Hematology/Oncology