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Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions and answers with full rationale

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infusion coding

My department is having an ongoing debate as to how to code the following scenario. We could use some guidance on this one. I have 7 coders and they all came up with a different answer. How would we properly code:

Neulasta OnPro SQ
ondanestron IV Push
dexamethasone IV Push
NaCl IV Infusion started 0845 stopped 1730
mesna IV infusion started 0930 stopped 1730
ifosfamide IV infusion started 0930 stopped 1230

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Ophthalmology coding certificate question

Does anyone know if there is a specific coding certificate for Ophthalmology? I just started working for Ophthalmology doctors, and they are wanting me to begin coding for them in the near future. I have my CPC. I didn’t know if I should seek a separate coding certificate for Ophthalomogy.
Thanks so much,

Medical Billing and Coding Forum – Ophthalmology/Optometry

What You Need to Know About Coding Using EMRs and Encoding Software

I haven’t been perusing as many coding sites and Facebook pages recently as I was a couple of years ago, but I did recently come across a post that captured my attention.  Someone was asking if there was a way to get trained in a popular electronic medical record (EMR) to help them meet the requirements of a job.  It seems many employers are looking for work experience with a certain EMR before considering a person for a position.  Is this fair?  Well, it may not seem fair if you’ve never worked as a coder, but if you have, chances are pretty good you’ve had exposure to some of the major EMR software vendors.  For those of you who don’t have any practical EMR experience, here’s what you need to know.

Is it reasonable to require EMR experience?
First of all, if you’ve never coded before and your coding school didn’t have a relationship with an EMR vendor allowing you to learn the system, any reasonable hiring manager is not going to expect you to have experience.  And if they aren’t reasonable, then you don’t want to work for them anyway (problem solved!).  If I pick up your resume and see you have taken some coding classes and have never worked in the healthcare field but are “proficient” in EMR software, I am going to have more than a few questions for you.  How did you get your EMR experience?  Which systems did you use?  What did you like or not like about it?  In other words, I won’t believe you have experience with it and I will try to weed that out of you.  Or even worse, I may be inundated with resumes and feel like you’re lying about something on the resume and I may not have the time or energy to do any investigating.  Your resume may be relegated to the “no” pile.

Fact: your employer will train you
Here’s a fun fact.  Even if you’ve worked as a coder for 2 years using a certain EMR software, you will have to have training at your new facility.  You may think you know everything there is to know about a certain EMR software, but they are all customizable.  As a consultant, I’ve used the same EMR software at several clients and they are all a little different.  You may find documents stored in different places.  Your favorite EMR feature at Hospital A may not have been “turned on” at Hospital B.  So expect to be trained on the same software you’ve already been using every time you change employers.

EMRs are from Mars, encoders are from Venus
EMRs aren’t the same as encoders.  Of course the EMR is where you will find the medical record documentation, but it is also where you will find financial information and abstracted data.  Encoders and computer assisted coding (CAC) software are usually separate from the EMR.  As a matter of fact, there aren’t a lot of EMR vendors who are also in the business of encoder software.  That makes two different kinds of systems you need to be aware of.  But have no fear: while it’s a plus if you have been trained on an encoder, you can expect your employer to train you there too.

You need to understand interfaces
Rather than obsessing over how to get trained on a particular EMR or encoder, here’s something more important for you to focus on: you need to understand software interfaces.  Because your EMR and encoder are coming from two different vendors and they have to talk to each other, they rely on interfaces.  How that’s set up is not important to you (although it’s very important to the information technology department), but how and why you enter data the way you do is based on interfaces.  I’ve coded for lots of hospitals with lots of different computer systems, but in general, here’s how it works:

  1. You pull up the patient in the EMR.
  2. If you work with a CAC product, you launch the CAC by clicking a button in the EMR.  This opens the CAC using an interface, so that it automatically pulls up the patient you are working on in the EMR and displays medical record documentation for coding.
  3. If you don’t have a CAC, you review the medical record documentation in the EMR and then launch the encoder using a button in the EMR.
  4. Once you are in the CAC/encoder, you code the record.  This software allows you to look up codes and save them to a list.  When you’re done, you click a complete button, and then you find yourself back in the EMR in the abstracting screens.
  5. If the interface is working properly, everything you entered in the CAC/encoder is shown on your abstracting screens.  This is also where you can assign surgeons and dates to procedures as well as any other abstracted data your facility chooses to collect.
  6. You send the account to billing in the EMR by indicating the account is complete.
(Most) EMRs don’t have grouper software
Groupers are the magic software that calculate DRGs and APCs based on assigned codes.  Grouper logic is something that is built into CAC/encoder software, but not into EMR software.  If you ever need to make a change to codes to rebill an account, you can’t just change the code in most EMRs.  It’s pretty standard practice to reopen the account, relaunch the CAC/encoder, make corrections, send them back to the EMR through the interface, and then send for rebill.  This concept is something that many coders don’t understand and, I would argue, this concept is more important than knowing the ins and outs of any particular EMR product as a new hire.
Knowing how to code is more important than anything
After all this, the most important thing you need to know to get a coding job is how to code.  Your employer can teach you everything I’ve mentioned above specific to your facility.  And they can also work with you on enhancing your coding skills.  But it’s more important for you to focus on coding, coding guidelines, and a cursory background in coding reimbursement than it is for you to know an EMR inside-out.  

Coder Coach

Radiology Coding Company In Oklahoma

Most radiology medical practices and individual practitioners in the United States are looking for professional assistance to efficiently manage their diverse coding tasks. Accurate medical coding is very important when it comes to optimizing their collections. If your facility or practice is seeking radiology coding services, it is would be a good idea to look in Oklahoma. An experienced radiology coding company in Oklahoma can offer individual radiologists, group practitioners, hospitals, medical centers and clinics competent coding services at competitive prices.

Accurate Radiology Coding Services

Radiology coding companies in Oklahoma are well-equipped to provide quality radiology medical coding services. They employ certified medical coders proficient in HCPCS, CPT, ICD-9 codes and standards, and well aware of the latest government norms. They offer accurate coding solutions for interventional radiology procedures including ultrasound and diagnostic radiology imaging, as well as non-interventional procedures such as single or multiple views, standard radiographs, computerized tomography, contrast studies and magnetic resonance imaging. The core services of a reliable radiology coding company in Oklahoma would cover:

.Emergency room e-code evaluation
.Medical coding audits
.ICD-9 coding based on AMA and CMS guidelines
.ASCs – Ambulatory Surgical Centers Coding
.CPT medical coding
.Backlog coding resolution services
.Hospital/ in-patient coding
.DRG/ICD-9 CM coding validations

Locate an Established Company

Online resources are a great help when it comes to finding an established radiology coding company in Oklahoma. Searching web directories and the yellow pages with the zip code of the area would provide a comprehensive list of the companies in the location. Reading blogs, newsletters, articles and reviewing forum discussions are the other important ways of selecting a professional company for your coding needs.

Points to Consider while Choosing a Radiology Coding Company

Before choosing a radiology medical coding company for your medical facility, you would have to evaluate its services. The main points for consideration are:

.Whether its coding procedures strictly adhere to Local Medical Review Policies (LMRP) and Correct Coding Initiatives (CCI)
.Accuracy rates
.Whether the firm offers stringent quality assurance
.Whether its coding procedures are compliant with the HIPAA norms
.Whether it can offer comprehensive solutions in fast/customized turnaround time
.Pricing structure
.Whether it offers free trial options
.Whether it provide 24/7/ 365 technical assistance

The organized radiology medical coding services of a reputable radiology transcription company in Oklahoma can help you to submit error-free medical bills and claims within the specified time frame. This would avoid claim denials and help you obtain maximum reimbursements for your practice.

Radiology Coding Company – Outsource Strategies International (OSI) is a leading medical coding company in the US committed to providing fast and efficient medical billing and coding services.

How to Work From Home Doing Medical Billing and Coding!

If you’re thinking about doing medical billing and coding and working from home there are a few things you want to know. First of all do you have the ability or skills or training in order to be able to process claims for doctors, dentists or large clinics.

To process claims at home you’ll either have to be in business for yourself or make some arrangement with your employers to work at home. The employer in this case would be the doctor, dentist or other health professional or clinic that needs medical billing service. This may be difficult to do if you haven’t had the proper training and don’t have the right medical billing software.

Many people who do work from home doing medical billing and/or coding generally have their own business. They have started home businesses after getting the right training. (Coding requires separate training and certification may be required by some employers.)

It would probably be difficult to get on-the-job training and more than likely you’ll have to get training through online courses, programs or schools or on campus locally where you live. There is a national exam for certification as a Medical Billing Specialist that would probably be required by most companies seeking your service. Plus after you get some training you’ll want on-the-job experience so you can learn the ropes. You want to know what you’re doing before you work alone at home.

So one of the things you can do is call some of the clinics in your area and find out whether they do their medical billing and coding in-house or whether they send it out to a billing service. If they do it in-house, ask if they hire people to do additional billing for them at home either by contracting out to you or hiring you to work at home and they would act as employer. There may be a lot of variation in practices in different geographical areas. So best to call and see what you can find out.

So now you may know a little bit more about whether you want to work from home doing medical billing and coding. When you do decide that you do need some training, there is federal government money available for online courses as well as on-campus. So you want to check out medical billing training online and local colleges. Be careful of any scams that may be operating. Read the fine print and don’t sign up for any courses you don’t need.

For secrets and tips on how to start a medical billing business or as a career, choosing the best medical billing training, finding the best medical billing business schools, online courses, college, work at home and financing go to a nurse’s website:

The Leading Medical Billing And Coding Company In Arizona

Medical billing and coding in Arizona

Arizona is one of the most populated states of America with a population of around 6.5 million people. The state is a haven for retired people because of salubrious climatic conditions and a majority of retired population means good medical and healthcare facilities.

Once the medical industry is well established, then the need for outsourcing medical billing and coding service providers becomes essential for the healthcare sector to ensure error free billing system and also to ensure a hassle free medical billing collections.

At present the demand for medical billing in Arizona is quite high and the prospects of increase in demand for medical billing and coding specialists is bright. Therefore the medical billing and coding Arizona companies have to be equipped to cater to the medical sector which is quite popular and well established in Arizona due to the age and nature of citizens residing in Arizona.

Training in medical billing and coding Arizona

Arizona holds good and bright prospects for those who are looking to make a career in medical billing and coding field. There are many outsourcing corporations like ours, equipped to train individuals in medical billing and coding program. We train students in real time situations using real medical billing data. Our faculty comprises of experienced medical billing and coding specialists who not only train students but who service our clients.
Students are taught data entry, charge entry, payment posting, cash reconciliation, claim submission-electronic as well as paper methods, market research techniques and methods, account receivable follow-ups, interacting with insurance companies, payment follow-ups with patients, etc.

Medical billing in Arizona

We are a credible company with a global presence, not only training students for a career in medical billing and coding in Arizona, but also are service providers to healthcare industry in Arizona and other states in USA. We have customized services to suit your industry requirements and out personalized services are not dependent on distance, but quick and instant services utilizing the best technology at very cost effective prices.

For More Information about medical billing in Arizona please visit our website at

Medical Coding Schools ? How to Enroll

A lot of men and women desire in making his or her career within medical coding like the idea is a profitable, professional and thrilling career.

Following on from the government provides brand new Clinical course which in turn, shall be began within whole force by simply the particular yr 2016, the idea is usually predicted this discipline shall encounter tremendous growth and popularity in future. Also, the particular job hopefuls will be given handsome wages because of their work! This kind of file examines the many aspects of this discipline.

Medical coding schools are really very difficult to locate! Nevertheless, you can fruitfully accomplish this job by searching through healthcare websites or finding out much more about them out of your local schools and science centers. You must pick your university based on the type of course you intend to pursue. You may opt for web based classes, crash courses or distance education! Else, you are able to enroll yourself for regular courses or weekend colleges!

Once you’ve shortlisted all top listed medical coding schools, check out their courses, school history and recognition in this field. You may talk to pass out students of that college. Secondly, it’s also wise to check their course certification because, accreditation is central to the factor and, you may not reach subscribe to education loans.

Before doing all this, you have to determine as to why you need to select medical coding career. Do not confuse with programs. Keep your strategies clear. Even if you drop out of institution in the mid semester, still you will have to pay the whole expenses therefore it is best to prevent confusions! Make a precise strategy and concentrate onto it.

Lastly, now that you’ve got shortlisted all of your desired institutions, it is the time to contact the faculty. Make sure that you carefully look into the course as well as the examination routine. Furthermore, you have to obtain a scheduled appointment for that meetings. You can personally make contact with the teachers of medical coding. You’re going to get their contact details on the internet directories or phone book. These professors will surely assist you with programs. With the direction of these instructors, you can surely prepare yourself for further tests.

Finally, it’s very essential for you to make your decision. After reading this article, I am certain that you must have grown to be familiar with the whole procedure. Thus, with little endeavors from your side, you are able to grow to be an impressive medical coding specialist!

Find out about Medical Coding and Billing Programs and X-ray Tech Schools

Effective Medical Billing Coding Services Provider all over the USA

Medical Billing & Coding service providers are now increasingly common in many areas of the USA, because they help fill a void faced both by Physicians, health care providers and patients alike. These companies work towards increasing and protecting the reimbursements due for medical services rendered. The mechanism that achieves this is medical coding. Submission of medical claims by individuals is often rejected for payment due to critical data being fed inaccurately, omissions in vital details, and typographical errors in the documentation. To redress this, services of medical billing are outsourced to companies who have trained staff to handle and understand the complexities inherent in the health care industry.

Codifying of medical billing procedure enhances ability to process claims accurately

Basically, Medical Billing & Coding is a process where medical data is translated into alphanumeric codes and each code represents a value assigned for a range of medical issues, covering diagnoses, surgery, disease symptoms, and drug after effects. These coding systems built into the billing edifice provide the function of setting a benchmark for accurate calculation of physician reimbursement, fairly assessing hospital payments under a system of measurement and quality review.

Medical billing Coding services ease complexities in health care Management

Medical Billing and Coding is actually the outsourcing of medical billing to service providers under a complex set of solutions to tackle billing reimbursements and help physicians achieve greater efficiency in practice management. Medical Billing Coding addresses the challenging task of completing immediate processing of bills, ensure compliance with specified norms, avoid under pricing errors and uncover areas where charges might have escaped attention resulting in reduced practice earnings.

Skilled persons are trained to combine medical software with billing parameters

Medical Billing Coding is best handled by experienced and skilled professionals with requisite technical abilities and training to effectively blend the intricacies of the software used in medical billing along with the coding systems that are in place. Basically, the crux of the coding system lies in its functionality to deliver the advantages that enables the system to process easy and accurate reimbursement of claims, maintain effective follow up on unpaid bills, and provide prompt information feedback on areas of concern.

Medeyeservices provides Full Medical Billing and Coding Services. This Services offers nationwide 30 days free trial of Medical Billing Services .For More Information about Medical Billing Services please visit here: Medical Billing Coding, Medical Billing and Coding and Medical Billing & Coding