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Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions and answers with full rationale

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Getting Greater Good Quality Exam Table For Greater Medical Care

Examination is the basic of patient cure procedure. By doing thoroughly examination, a doctor will be able to make correct diagnosis of patient health condition. The doctor will be able to know what kind of treatment is the best for a patient after doing examination of the patient on the exam table. That is why examination table can be considered as the most important equipment in medical field.

Consider about the comfort level of examination table. It is important to make the patient feels comfortable since you never know what kind of disease and pain that the patient endures. You should not choose medical examination table that is too soft or too hard because the patient might feel discomfort.

Eventhough wellness and healthcare is not fully associated with disabled people. It is important to pay attention at this issue since not all people can move their body easily. Some people have disabilities that make them hard to reach the examination table. You can participate in promoting better healthcare by getting the right exam table that can be good for disabled people. Do not forget to ask the patient about the best and most comfortable position for your patient with disability.

Though, it is hard to get the right examination table for people with disability, you can discuss how to get the right one with your disabled patients. They will surely help you to find the correct one since you have good enthusiasm in providing better healthcare equipment for your patients. Speak directly to your patient and not the guardian in order to get clear information about the most comfortable examination table position for your patient.

During examination, you need to take notes of your patient problem. It is beneficial to remember the details of your patient health record. Before the visit ends, make sure that you ask again the details of your patient health record to know whether what you write is accurate or not. Be sure to remind the patient about the best recovery method that can increase their health.
We can find people with disabilities live longer than in the previous cases. People with disabilities now receive better treatment than in the past. If you want to contribute in making them living in better condition, you can start by getting better exam table that can be good to treat people with disabilities. Ask your patient about the best healthcare that can suit their need. It is essential to make them able to experience better live just like people with no disability.

Perform thoroughly and detailed examination to know the health condition of your patient. If you have got the right examination table for people with disabilities, you will be able to perform medical diagnosis better than the other doctors who do not have the right examination table for people with disabilities. That is why we can consider that examination table is one of the most important things to support medical examination.

In case you are interested in better health care, you can consider of getting exam table. There are varieties of exam table available on the market. You might want to take a look at exam room table that can be useful for medical examination.

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How to Prepare For Your Medical Assistant Exam

Books, notes, past year questions and revision texts are scattered all over the place. This can only mean one thing; exams are around the corner and the jitters are creeping up faster than you expected. Medicine has never been an easy course, and even though this isn’t the whole big doctor or surgeon thing, preparing for a medical assistant exam is just as nerve wrecking. So, what do you do? Well, the smart thing to do would be to calm down and keep yourself down to earth while preparing for your exam.

You should start off by making sure that you are calm and free from butterflies in your stomach. Do some light exercise and deep breathing, then clear your mind and get a hold of your emotions. In order to study effectively, you need to rid of any negative pre-examination emotion such as anxiety and worry. If you still find yourself extremely anxious, then try going for a long walk or take a drive around the neighborhood. This should help put you at east for awhile.

Next, don’t study hard, study smart. Instead of reading straight out of your textbook for hours and hours trying to digest the information, try briefly going through it once then make your own notes and mind maps to help. During classes, pay attention to the lecturer instead of jotting down notes and doodles on the sidelines. Then, as soon as you get back, review what you’ve gone through in class and start making notes. This way, when it gets closer to your exam, instead of lugging around the huge textbooks and revision books, you could just use your notes. If it helps, make them into flashcards and carry them around in your pockets or bag. With this, you could always go through your notes while waiting for the bus or in a queue.

Read, revise, redo. The best way to make sure that you’re well prepared to gain your medical assistant certificate would be to go repeatedly go over your work, dividing your time between subjects or chapters. Once you’re done with each section, try doing a couple of questions as it would help strengthen your memory and show you how much you actually know. If you don’t have enough questions with you, use the internet and look it up on your search engine.

Aside from all that has been mentioned, in order to make sure that your mind is in perfect functioning order, you would need to keep your physical self in good condition too. Get sufficient rest and don’t ignore those eye bags. If you’re the kind of person who has adjusted to late nights and simply can’t change, make sure you get a continuous 6-8 hours of sleep a day and avoid burning the midnight oil the day before your examination. Also, drink plenty of water and eat your greens. You don’t want to be catching the flu anytime near your exam day.

In a nutshell, effective studying is easy as long as you put your mind to it. So kick off those jitters and hit the books because you’re going to be the one to ace the upcoming exam!

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Be Prepared For Your Medical Entrance Exam

Students across the country go through a wide range of medical entrance exams conducted by several universities and medical colleges throughout the country. Medical entrance is the only way out to enable the students grab best career opportunities in the vertical of healthcare and medicine. Every year lacs of students are checked through all-India level Medical Entrance exam to secure a seat in the undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the stream of medicine and surgery or most popularly MBBS.

Every year Government of India conducts medical entrance exams through its governing authorities like CBSE, DPMT, CPMT and AIIMS as well. These entrance exams are held to fill up the medical seats in all medical and dental colleges comes under the authority of Indian government, state governments, Municipal Corporation and local authorities as well. Let’s put a glance on the premiere entrance exams that are usually on the favorite list of the students across the country.

AFMC Entrance Exam: AFMC conducts an all-India entrance test on the country level to offer admission to 130 students into its MBBS course every year.

CBSE PMT: This entrance examination is conducted by CBSE every year to fill-up around 15% of the total seats in for the bachelor degree in medical/dental stream.

CMC Vellore: CMC is affiliated to Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University that conducts an all-India entrance test every year to select aspirants for admission in under-graduate level medical courses.

DUMET: Delhi University Pre-Medical entrance exam (DPMT) is an all-India entrance test to offer students admission to various MBBS and BDS courses across several medical colleges under the University of Delhi.

Karnataka CET: This well known Entrance Exam is conducted by Government of Karnataka as Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET) in the stream of MBBS courses. The medical entrance exam establishes admission to first year of medical courses in colleges/universities/institutes across Karnataka.

Manipal UGET: Being one of the renowned universities in India, it conducts all India level medical entrance exams for MBBS and Dental undergraduate courses for the students of India.

AIIMS: Known as All India Institute of Medical Science Delhi, AIIMS is the most preferred and medical and healthcares establishment that offers world class academics for its students in the stream of health care and medicine through AIIMS all India medical entrance exam.

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State Level Medical Entrance Exam

“In India number of Medical entrance exam held every year for admission to various medical programs. Some exams are at national level while some are at state level. Here you will be informed about all state level medical entrance exam and their educational programs and paper pattern. Some Medical institutes are accept the score of state entrance exam only. Therefore the candidate should well-known about the admission procedure of each college before apply for admission.
Medical Entrance exam in Andhra Pradesh is held through EAMCET state level engineering, agriculture and Medical common Entrance test. The programs offered are MBBS/BDS/B pharmacy and BUMS. The colleges are affiliated to NTR University of health science situated at Vijyawada. Medical Entrance exam in Assam is conducted by state level admission test. MBBS and BDS programs are offered with 5 and 5 years of duration respectively. The exam is of objective type.
Medical Entrance exam in Chandigarh is conducted by Punjab University Chandigarh. The exam will be held in the mid of May every year. Medical Entrance exam in Delhi is conducted by Delhi University Medical- Dental entrance test (DUMCET). The exam will be held in May. Medical Entrance exam in Himachal Pradesh is conducted by common entrance test by Himachal Pradesh University. The programs offered are MBBS/BDS/BAMS. The nature of Entrance test is objective and exam will be held in May/ June.
Medical Entrance exam in Haryana is made through common entrance test. The entrance exam consists of three papers in physics, chemistry and biology. The date of the exam is first week of June. Medical Entrance exam in Jammu and Kashmir is conducted by common entrance test for admission to MBBS and BDS. The exam will be held in July. Medical Entrance exam in Jharkhand is conducted by Jharkhand combined Entrance Competitive exam abbreviated as JECC. The medical program offered is MBBS.
Medical Entrance exam in Karnataka is made through common entrance test/ aptitude test in Karnataka. The courses offered are MBBS/BDS/BMS/BUMS and yoga. The exam will be held during May every year. Medical Entrance exam in Kerala is conducted by government of Kerala by a common entrance examination. The exam is for admission to government seats in Medical courses in Kerala. The exam will be held in April and notification about the exam will be published in the month of January. Medical Entrance exam in Madhya Pradesh is conducted by professional examination board Madhya Pradesh. The courses offered are MBBS/BDS/B pharmacy/ BSC nursing. The exam will be held in the month of May every year.

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CHP Exam Strategies

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) written exam will demand that you show you have certain acquired knowledge in writing and reading comprehension, plus the skills necessary to apply that knowledge correctly.

The first portion, the Writing Skills Test measures clarity, vocabulary, and spelling.  Seems pretty straightforward — identify clearly written sentences, choose words that match the meaning of other words, and choose correctly spelled words.  These three sections all contain multiple choice questions — piece of cake, right?

Wrong!  Before you even begin to study for this test, you need to train yourself to focus on each task, each question, as you come to it.  Multiple choice questions can lure you into scanning mode – reading the question quickly and scanning your choices for a quick response.  Do not fall into this mental trap.  Scanning means we look for key words or phrases that would normally trigger a correct answer to a dilemma or problem.  However, in this case, the test makers use this generalized approach to intelligence gathering against you by offering answers that, at first glance, appear to be correct.  A closer look though reveals that an important qualifying word is missing – and the answer is wrong.

You can boost your score on the Writing Clarity section by studying the elements of writing that qualify statements and sentence information, such as modifiers, references, and sentence boundaries.  If you are shaking your head again, you need to find a study guide that will explain these qualifiers, teach you how to identify them with confidence, and provide you with practice questions.

The Vocabulary section is simple and to the point.  Choose the word with the meaning that is closest to the underlined word in the test sentence.  This portion of the test relies most on your acquired knowledge – the vocabulary you are already familiar with and use regularly – and studying consists mostly of refreshing that knowledge.  Since a dictionary isn’t exactly light reading, a better preparation would be to find and use CHP written practice tests.  If you hit a brick wall question, use each of the answer choices in the same test question/sentence and go with the one that makes sense to you.  If two words seem to be options, try to determine what the difference is between those two words first; then try using each in the test sentence.  One will sound clearer to you than the other – this is your answer choice.

The Spelling section demands concentration and staying on target.  While this may seem the easiest to some test-takers, it is also the section that trips up the overconfident.  You are tired, stressed, have pored through sentences and word meanings, and now all you have to do is pick the right spelling of one word in a sentence.  The simplicity of it can be deceptive. You may have the tendency to relax, to fall into scanning mode, or to not follow through completely on marking your answer.

This is not the time to let up your concentration!  Take a few deep breaths to oxygenate and refresh yourself, and then dive into this section. Focus on the sentence first, and then the spelling choices. Make your correct choice decision, focus on the letter assigned to your answer, and ensure that this is the letter you mark on your test scoring sheet.

Nothing is worse than missing a score because although you knew the right spelling, you lost your focus at the last moment and marked down the wrong letter.

The key failure phrase throughout the first portion of the written test is:  you lost your focus. 

Replace that phrase with:  you never lost your focus – and enjoy the sweet taste of success!

Hundreds and hundreds of applicants fail the CHP Officer written exam each year. Can you afford to be one of them? To learn how to ace the CHP Exam visit… CHP Exam Preparation

Five Strategies To Ease Your Sports Exam Coding

Getting calls all year-round from parents requesting sports physicals for their children might be a common feature for your pediatric practice. Even though the physical may be fairly simple to carry out, it is not always straightforward to code.

If you are clueless about how to code a sports exam, think about these choices that will put your CPT coding on the right track while dodging non-payment issues.

Perform less and code office visit

When a pediatrician provides a true sports exam, CPT offers no direct match. Pediatricians may provide a shortened well-care visit, in which they assess the risks, perform an exam, and order vaccine and labs.

Encourage full well check

In order to avoid V70.3 non-coverage issues, try to schedule patients for preventive medicine services rather than for sports physicals. Sometimes parents misinterpret the sports physical as the child or adolescent’s complete annual physical examination. Having the patient come in for the annual ensures she gets the full service.

Consider forms policy

For patients who have received a recent preventive medicine service, think about using that information to complete a sports form. Few pediatric practices have a set fee the patient pays for this service such as a $ 20 forms fee.

Some practices will include completion of forms at the time of an E/M visit; however charge if the forms are brought in at another time. There’s additional office overhead involved if the chart must be pulled and reviewed, the form completed, mailed, or faxed, and the chart refiled.

Drawback: For liability reasons, your physician may not want to issue a form without checking the patient to see if his status has changed.

Charge parent

When a parent insists or the school calls for an abbreviated exam on a patient who has not had a well check in the previous half of the year, you might want to put into practice a financial plan. Physicals required for sports are normally the patient’s responsibility. Insurers normally do not cover the service.

Best practice: If you expect the insurer will not cover the sports physical, have the parent sign an advance beneficiary notice (ABN). Ensure the parent understands she will have to pay if the insurer does not cover the sports exam, and notify her of the price.

Tool: You can use a private payer version of Medicare’s form to educate the parent and ensure she is aware of her choices and responsibilities.

Check state scope of practice laws

Once you decide on the best strategy for your practice, confirm that your state allows you to use that technique. For instance, certain states publish guidelines indicating that a physical done within the last 12 months is enough and the patient does not require an updated form, whereas other states need children to bring in new forms for each individual sport they intend to play.

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CPC Exam Coding Review Guide

AAPC’s CPC exam is one of the toughest to pass. Here’s a CPC exam coding review guide that makes your preparations much easier. The key is to pass your CPC exam in your current attempt.

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Medical Coding Exam Prep

CPC Exam Requirements – Certified Professional Coder Exam

An overview of the CPC exam requirements you need to fulfill to appear for the AAPC’s Certified Professional Coder exam. Also includes resources and recommendations to prepare for your CPC exam in any part of the US.

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AHIMA Certification: CCS and CCS-P Medical Coding Certification Prep with Exam Review Guide

AHIMA certification in the the form of Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) and Certified Coding Specialist-Physician (CCS-P) are very valuable and career-making credentials for medical coding and billing specialists in the US. Because of the long-standing value that employers place on these certifications, and the fact that they are also far cheaper than online schools or community college programs that can go for months, an AHIMA certification helps experienced coders move up to the next level. This works works in terms of salary and qualification. Alternatives to this include CCA and CPC-A credentials.

Read more at:

Medical Coding Exam Prep

Top 8 Rules On How To Pass An Exam

Every student knows and with tremor waits the period when he/she has to take the exams. Probably that only 5-10% of students is sure in their knowledge and is not afraid to fail it.

How not to fail the exam, not to spend extra nerves and to get positive result? Lets discuss simple rules for lazybones and grinders to make examination period pleasant.

1. Try to visit more than 90% of all lectures and make notes during semester. Remember, this is your 50% success to get as minimum your honestly earned satisfied grade. At least your lecturer will know you by sight. If consider that you deserve a B, be ready not only to visit classes but also to take part in discussions, make notes and for sure to make your home assignments. Its not worth saying that for an A you should study everyday and use all your possibilities and wish to overcome laziness.

Conclusion: the more active you are in a studying process, the more success you will get on your exams.

Remember: studying is your non-payable work for definite period of time and the more efforts and time you invest the more you will get in future career.

2. Start to get ready for the exam within a month to real exam date. The more time you devote to the studying process the better you are going to be prepared for the exam. Make sure you go over all the material provided by your professor and understand that you understand it fully.

3. Consult sample college essays. There are a great majority of websites offering sample college essays for students. This is a great opportunity to browse relevant topics pertaining to your subject, get fresh ideas, and memorize some facts.

4. Dont study anything in the last day and night before the exam. Try to relax, go to bed earlier than usual, drink your favorite tasty tea or listen to the music for better dreams and the most important dont be nervous.

5. Be dressed appropriately for the exam. Wear comfortable clothes such as jeans and shirt but dont overuse cosmetics and perfumes.

6. Stay calm and confident in yourself while passing the exam. Answer the questions consistently, but dont be in a hurry. If you do not know the answer, take your time to think a little bit or skip it and move forward, you can always go back to it at any time.

7. Plan your time effectively. The main rules dont be in a hurry and dont get stuck on one question.

8. Dont use cheat sheets. They dont help you but distract your attention and waste your time. You cant concentrate your mind on questions, but only how to reach it out from the pocket.

Note that successful exam passing is built on basement founded from the beginning of the studying. It is better to study a bit every day than everything for the short period of time.

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