Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions with Full Rationale Answers

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Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions and answers with full rationale

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What makes a good CPC Practice Exam? Questions and Answers with Full Rationale

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2016 CPC Practice Exam Answer Key 150 Questions With Full Rationale (HCPCS, ICD-9-CM, ICD-10, CPT Codes) Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions with Full Rationale Answers

Practice Exam

Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions and answers with full rationale

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Comment on Tips to Pass AAPC’s CPC Exam by Zen Weller

I found it very helpful to tab the sections that are most used, and that I knew I would need immediate reference to. For example, if you know you have trouble remembering POS numbers, it would be a good idea to tab the appendix that lists them (in my CPT version when I tested, this is Appendix M). You may want to tab the HCPCS modifier appendix, or the CPT modifier appendix; Both good ideas for taking the CPC exam. Look through your conventions in the ICD book as well. These rules are extremely important for the exam.. Get familiar with them, and tab the ones you may have trouble remembering. Sepsis, HIV, and pregnancy conventions are a few to note. Basically, go through your books, and note the areas that you feel the least comfortable with, so that you can reference them quickly.. Keep in mind that the exam is really only to prove that you know “how” to use the references. Cater your notes and tabs to your own specific needs. Great luck to you!

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Top 8 Rules On How To Pass An Exam

Every student knows and with tremor waits the period when he/she has to take the exams. Probably that only 5-10% of students is sure in their knowledge and is not afraid to fail it.

How not to fail the exam, not to spend extra nerves and to get positive result? Lets discuss simple rules for lazybones and grinders to make examination period pleasant.

1. Try to visit more than 90% of all lectures and make notes during semester. Remember, this is your 50% success to get as minimum your honestly earned satisfied grade. At least your lecturer will know you by sight. If consider that you deserve a B, be ready not only to visit classes but also to take part in discussions, make notes and for sure to make your home assignments. Its not worth saying that for an A you should study everyday and use all your possibilities and wish to overcome laziness.

Conclusion: the more active you are in a studying process, the more success you will get on your exams.

Remember: studying is your non-payable work for definite period of time and the more efforts and time you invest the more you will get in future career.

2. Start to get ready for the exam within a month to real exam date. The more time you devote to the studying process the better you are going to be prepared for the exam. Make sure you go over all the material provided by your professor and understand that you understand it fully.

3. Consult sample college essays. There are a great majority of websites offering sample college essays for students. This is a great opportunity to browse relevant topics pertaining to your subject, get fresh ideas, and memorize some facts.

4. Dont study anything in the last day and night before the exam. Try to relax, go to bed earlier than usual, drink your favorite tasty tea or listen to the music for better dreams and the most important dont be nervous.

5. Be dressed appropriately for the exam. Wear comfortable clothes such as jeans and shirt but dont overuse cosmetics and perfumes.

6. Stay calm and confident in yourself while passing the exam. Answer the questions consistently, but dont be in a hurry. If you do not know the answer, take your time to think a little bit or skip it and move forward, you can always go back to it at any time.

7. Plan your time effectively. The main rules dont be in a hurry and dont get stuck on one question.

8. Dont use cheat sheets. They dont help you but distract your attention and waste your time. You cant concentrate your mind on questions, but only how to reach it out from the pocket.

Note that successful exam passing is built on basement founded from the beginning of the studying. It is better to study a bit every day than everything for the short period of time.

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