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Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions and answers with full rationale

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Practical Ways To Find A Coder

You are a business owner and you have launched a website of your company to promote your business. Now, it is ideally recommended that you should hire a professional coder who could take care of your website. There are many things that you should necessarily know about coding and how it helps in the maintenance of a website before you should go forward to find a coder who has the right kind of expertise.

First of all, you should know that a coder or a designer not only helps maintain a website but also he or she makes all efforts to keep it highly optimized on search engines. The success of a business depends on its website. If the website gets high online traffic and draws in large number of visitors, your business prospects would get boosted.

Therefore, make sure that you find a designer or a coder who could take care of your website and at the same time ensure that your website gets high online traffic and always remain on the first page of any search engine. At times, finding an experienced coder becomes a daunting task. Therefore, make sure that you take extra care once you trace out an expert coder for your website.

Below-mentioned tips can help you much if you want to know how to find a coder or how to find a designer that can match your requirement.

Browse internet and search popular job websites. It might be a very effective idea to direct your search for an experienced coder towards internet. There are several job portals that specialize in offering this kind of jobs. All you require is to sign in and post your requirement. You would soon have in your inbox dozens of profiles sent from candidates.

Selection of a coder or designer might turn out to be tricky task. Therefore, you should be highly realistic while selecting your required coder. Make sure that the candidate you are going to hire has the experience to use HTML codes and Meta tags.

These things combine to help you find a coder in the best way.

Steve Harmision writes about freelancing jobs and provides fruitful information about best freelance projects. To find a coder or find a designer for your project, please visit

Some Smart Ways To Find Coder

Computer coders have specialization in computer programming. These professionals are important parts of a website. Computer coders are also known as computer programmers. These professionals are qualified people. Their main job involves writing computer programs. These programs involve specially designed scripting languages.

If you have a business and it is supported by a website, it is ideally recommended that you should find a coder. However, finding a coder that can match your requirement is not an easy job. Most often, it becomes a challenging task to find a coder or to find a designer with required level of skill. If you try to find out a qualified and experienced coder, be guided by the following tips.

Advertisements can play effective role in your effort to find a coder. Once you are on a coder-finding campaign, create an advertisement to be published in newspapers and job portals. While starting an ad campaign to find a coder, make sure that you have decided about the type of coder that you are going to recruit. Common eligibility benchmark that involves in the search of a coder is C++. If you need a computer coding professional with some additional qualification and skill, you should mention it in the advertisement campaign that you would initiate.

Apart from newspapers, you can also post the advertisement on online job boards. While getting your advertisement published, ensure that you have mentioned your own contact number and email address in the advertisement. It would help professional coders get in touch with you.

Computer coding professionals offer their services both on regular basis and on freelance basis. Therefore, you should have clear picture in your mind how you are going to hire the services of the coding professional. In case you want to find a coder on freelance basis, you can get benefited by any of the various freelance marketplaces that you would find on the internet.

Steve Harmision writes about freelancing jobs and provides fruitful information about best freelance projects. To find a coder or find a designer for your project, please visit

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Infographic: Six Ways to Promote Patient Safety

Healthcare Associated Infections

Healthcare Associated InfectionsMinimize the Risk of Healthcare-Associated Infections

Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are a significant concern for both patients and healthcare providers.

HAIs compromise patients’ treatment plans and recoveries — particularly for those who are post-op, have chronic health conditions, or compromised immune systems. HAIs, like C. diff and MRSA, are often difficult and costly to treat.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently completed their National and State Healthcare-Associated Infections Progress Report. Here are their findings as well as six ways patients can minimize their risk of contracting HAIs.

Key Findings

One of the CDC’s goals is to implement policies and procedures that will stop the spread of HAIs. In doing so, there will be better patient outcomes and the burden on healthcare providers and facilities will be minimized.

For example, in 2011, there were approximately 722,000 HAIs in U.S. acute care hospitals, or the equivalent of 1 in 25 patients. About 75,000 patients who contracted an HAI died during their hospital stay.

The most recent report pooled 2014 national and state-level data from acute care hospitals. They evaluated the following types of infections:

  • central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI),
  • catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI),
  • surgical site infections (SSI),
  • hospital-onset Clostridium difficile infections (C. difficile), and
  • hospital-onset methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteremia (bloodstream infections)

On a national level, there was a decrease in the majority of infection types. Between 2008 and 2014, the rates decreased by:

  • 50 percent for CLABSI
  • 17 percent for abdominal hysterectomy SSI
  • 2 percent for colon surgery SSI

Between 2011 and 2014, there was an 8 percent decrease in C. diff infections and a 13 percent decrease in MRSA infections.

Minimize Risks

Research has shown that healthcare facilities can minimize the occurrence of HAIs by strictly following appropriate best practices and guidelines. It’s been demonstrated that an estimated 70 percent reduction in infection rates is possible.

Additionally, patients should follow these six steps to protect against HAIs:

  1. Speak up. Ask your doctor or care providers how they are protecting you from infection.
  2. Keep hands clean. Make sure all healthcare workers cleans their hands before touching you.
  3. Get smart about antibiotics. Ask your doctor if testing will be done to confirm that the correct antibiotic is prescribed.
  4. Know the signs and symptoms of infection. Infections present differently – know the signs and symptoms of the most common ones.
  5. Watch out for deadly diarrhea. Report any ongoing episodes of diarrhea to your physician.
  6. Protect yourself. Avoid complications by opting to receive vaccinations for potentially life-threatening infections.

To see each state’s infection rates, check out the full CDC report. The CDC also released a handy infographic about preventing the spread of HAIs. You can find that below.

How did your state rate? What steps do you take to prevent HAIs? Please tell me in the comments below!

Healthcare-Associated Infections HAI

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This post Infographic: Six Ways to Promote Patient Safety was written by Manny Oliverez and first appeared on Capture Billing. Capture Billing is a medical billing company helping medical practices get their insurance claims paid faster, easier and with less stress allowing doctors to focus on their patients.

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What Are The Easiest Ways To Get Medical Billing And Coding Certification?

The good news is that entering this much needed profession has never been easier. Certification programs are available for just about every possible situation. There are courses online, which allow for education and placement, while participants are able to keep their current jobs or care for their families. Look for those schools that are accredited and provide a quality education, as well as their program to help prepare for certification and job placement. Using the internet makes finding these schools very easy and allows for a comprehensive comparison between programs.

Community colleges also offer affordable programs in the field of medical billing and coding. These schools can be found in nearly every state and offer various options including times, days and length of program. This path of certification offers flexibility but also allows students to interact in- person with others who are seeking positions in the same field. Networking is a crucial part of opening doors in any profession and this one is no exception. Many people prefer to learn in a classroom and community college is set up to accommodate those who need to work while obtaining degrees and certification.

Another way of working towards a certification in the field of medical billing and coding is through actual work experience. Many people who end up in this field actually begin by volunteering or working in another capacity within a medical setting. Private practice, hospitals and clinics will sometimes provide a hands -on and often tuition reimbursement to those employees who are hard-working and reliable. One of the many benefits of this route, is the actual experience of working inside the medical world. It is a great opportunity to find out whether or not this profession is something that fits. It is a way to experience first- hand the reality and demands of such a career, before time and money is spent.
Whichever road is chosen, medical billing and coding in a fast-growing career that will be around for a very long time. Deciding on which path to choose can be easily accomplished with the help of the internet and or visiting local colleges and training institutes. Bring your questions with you, gather the needed facts, and the future may just hold an exciting, lucrative career in this very important profession.

You can get more information about medical billing and coding here..