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Practical Ways To Find A Coder

You are a business owner and you have launched a website of your company to promote your business. Now, it is ideally recommended that you should hire a professional coder who could take care of your website. There are many things that you should necessarily know about coding and how it helps in the maintenance of a website before you should go forward to find a coder who has the right kind of expertise.

First of all, you should know that a coder or a designer not only helps maintain a website but also he or she makes all efforts to keep it highly optimized on search engines. The success of a business depends on its website. If the website gets high online traffic and draws in large number of visitors, your business prospects would get boosted.

Therefore, make sure that you find a designer or a coder who could take care of your website and at the same time ensure that your website gets high online traffic and always remain on the first page of any search engine. At times, finding an experienced coder becomes a daunting task. Therefore, make sure that you take extra care once you trace out an expert coder for your website.

Below-mentioned tips can help you much if you want to know how to find a coder or how to find a designer that can match your requirement.

Browse internet and search popular job websites. It might be a very effective idea to direct your search for an experienced coder towards internet. There are several job portals that specialize in offering this kind of jobs. All you require is to sign in and post your requirement. You would soon have in your inbox dozens of profiles sent from candidates.

Selection of a coder or designer might turn out to be tricky task. Therefore, you should be highly realistic while selecting your required coder. Make sure that the candidate you are going to hire has the experience to use HTML codes and Meta tags.

These things combine to help you find a coder in the best way.

Steve Harmision writes about freelancing jobs and provides fruitful information about best freelance projects. To find a coder or find a designer for your project, please visit

Find out about medical coding schools

There are many medical coding schools, which offer a variety of online, and offline courses these days. In a matter of two years or so, it is possible to finish one of these courses. Due to the economic crisis, many people are out of jobs, especially good ones.

When it comes to healthcare industry, there is always a demand for healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses. This is mainly because many people tend to have health problems, more so during these modern times. With the required amount of medical billing and coding training and other necessary qualifications, it is possible for anyone to work in healthcare industry. Doctors who set up individual private clinics require assistance with their administration and billing works.

Since they are too busy tending to their patients and taking care of other key matters, many have taken to outsourcing their medical coding and billing work. The key reason is to cut down on costs. Hiring a permanent staff costs a lot of money compared to outsourcing work. So, if you are currently earning a low salary due to lack of jobs in your expertise, consider attending any of medical coding schools to be a medical coding or billing expert.

Alternatively, you can study from home. Many schools offer long distance learning programs or online courses. Some schools include an interactive program as part of their curriculum for online courses. Therefore, you can ask questions from your lecturer or participate in online discussions. To earn a better annual income, it is best to register yourself as a Registered Health Information Technician or RIT.

For doing so, you need to have attended at least two years of medical billing and coding training prior to application. Passing the exam set by the American Health Information Management Association or AHIMA is also necessary. By being an expert at medical billing or coding, there is a great opportunity to work as a freelancer and earn a great income. It is similar to having your own business. By having a website of your own, you have better chances of attracting prospective customers.

In short, if you are out of a job, consider attending any of the medical coding schools to learn about medical billing or coding. You can work at a private clinic, hospital or any other similar place. Alternatively, you can work as a freelancer at your own time and space. There are many healthcare industries, which outsource their work to cut down on expenditure. Therefore, you have a great opportunity to work as a freelancer and earn good income.

Caitlina is a freelance writer.

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How to Find a Qualified Rent-a-Coder

1. Go to Rentacoder’s search page. Type in the specific skill you’re seeking in the site’s “Search for” field. If you need C++ skills, type in “C++”. If you need flash design skills, type in “flash design”. Then pre-filter the results with the following criteria:

* Coder rating. (We recommend “9” and above. Anything else indicates “emerging” skill and talent.)
* Completed job number. (Find coders who’ve completed at least 2 – 3 jobs a month. If you want a coder with 1 year of experience, enter 24 or 36. If you want a coder with 5 years experience, enter 120 or 180.)
* Last log in date. (Solicit coders who’ve checked into the website within the last month.)
* Top coder status. (Work with coders who are compelled to achieve recognition and keep it once they get it.)
* Expert Rating status. (Find coders who can prove adequate knowledge.)
* Country. (Eliminate language and syntax problems by working with native coders.)
* Time zone. (Avoid delays by soliciting coders in your own time zone.)
* City. (Optional — But a great option should there be a need to physically meet somewhere.)

2. Invite all the coders in the resulting search results to bid on your project.

3. Order the list of bid responses by the number of jobs in progress. Hide the coders that seem inundated with work.

4. Look at coder work histories and find a job that’s similar to your current bid request. Then evaluate the feedback for that job. If you don’t see any similar jobs, move on to the next coder.

5. Request and review sample work from the coders that have made the cut this far. Make sure the sample is something you’d buy for yourself.

6. If you’re not satisfied with what you’ve got – something may be wrong with your bid. Up the ante and offer more money, a longer deadline, and/or more creative freedom. These three characteristics **always** attract higher quality coders!

Nicole Miller is an ExpertRating certified outsourcing solutions provider for new and/or intermediate Internet-based B2B markets. Learn how to use Rentacoder like a pro

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10 Best Places to Find Work From Home Medical Coding and Billing Jobs


Image Source

One of the biggest perks to entering the medical coding and billing field is the possibility of telecommuting from the comfort of home. Billers and coders are able to access medical records via secure Internet connections to work from virtually anywhere. Finding remote positions can be ideal for maximizing family time while lowering commuting costs and stress. Whether the job is part-time, full-time, or per diem, medical coding and billing specialists can make good money from a home office. According to PayScale, the average annual salary is $ 35,374. Many companies are expanding their workforce with certified coders and billers, but remain cautious of scams out there. Consider the following 10 Best Places to Find Work From Home Medical Coding and Bill Jobs from reputable companies who often list work from home medical coding and billing jobs.

1. Maxim Health Information Services

Located in Gardena, California, Maxim Health Information Services belongs to one of the largest medical staffing companies in the United States. Since 2001, MHIS has worked with the country’s healthcare facilities to improve electronic patient records with outsourcing solutions. The Better Business Bureau has given Maxim HealthCare Services an A+ rating. Short-term and long-term remote medical coding jobs are available with ICD-10 training. Employees at Maxim Health Information Services receive competitive pay and full benefits, including dental and 401(k). There’s even room for advancement into medical coding supervisor positions.

Check out Maxim Health Infomation Services’ Remote Medical Billing and Coding Jobs here.

2. Humana

Ranked on the Fortune 500 list, Humana is a giant health insurance corporation headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, with over 13.8 million medical members. It’s estimated that at least 10 percent of Humana’s 49,000 associates telecommute from home. According to Computerworld, Humana is among the “100 Best Places to Work” in America. The company also scored a perfect 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index. Remote medical coding and billing jobs are frequently posted for candidates with CPC or CCS-P credentials. Humana also hires virtual coding educators who have five or more years of experience.

Check out Humana’s Remote Medical Billing and Coding Jobs here.

3. Aviacode

Aviacode is a popular medical coding and billing contracting firm in Salt Lake City that employs around 850 certified medical coders remotely nationwide. Founded in 1999, Aviacode has been named among Utah’s 50 fastest-growing companies. The company serves approximately 8,800 physicians across 61 medical specialties. Aviacode boasts that they’ve generated over $ 50 million in medical coding revenue. Work from home positions hire 1099 independent contractors for 15 to 40+ hours per week. For hire, Aviacode requires candidates to pass the ICD-10 Proficiency Assessment through the AAPC.

Check out Aviacode’s Medical Billing and Coding Jobs here.

4. Precyse Solutions

Partnered with nearly 4,000 healthcare facilities, Precyse Solutions is a leading clinical data management company based in Roswell, Georgia, since 1998. Some notable clients include Fairmont General Hospital and UMass Memorial Medical Center. Precyse Solutions has been awarded the HIMSS Gold Corporate Member Award. Precyse’s Coding Team consists of approximately 375 certified medical coders living in 41 states. For positions, applicants must have AHIMA credentials and two years of work experience. Each hired coder will receive full orientation and free online training from Precyse University to learn the integrated PrecyseCode platform.

Check out Precyse Solutions’ Medical Billing and Coding Jobs here.

5. Medical Record Associates

For the past 30 years, Medical Record Associates LLC has grown into one of America’s largest health information services organizations. Based in Quincy, Massachusetts, MRA contracts with around 500 employees nationwide to provide full-suite HIM solutions. Flexible, remote jobs are available for medical coding and cancer registry. MRA serves hospitals, clinics, physician offices, and other healthcare providers who outsource their HIM department. Medical Record Associates offers work from home employees well-rounded benefits, including paid holidays. To apply, candidates must have RHIT or CPC credentials with a 95 percent accuracy rate.

Check out Medical Record Associates’ Medical Billing and Coding Jobs here.

6. Altegra Health

Altegra Health is a privately held, national company that provides end-to-end reimbursement solutions. Based in Weston, Florida, Altegra Health has over 25 years of experience partnering with diverse healthcare providers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Affiliated with the AHIMA, this reputable company has over 5,000 employees both on-site and from home. There are current hiring opportunities for remote certified coders who have at least one years’ experience applying ICD-9-CM codes. Altegra Health pays remote coding professionals by the chart and follows strict QA standards. Specialties are offered, such as oncology and behavioral health.

Check out Altegra Health’s Medical Billing and Coding Jobs here.

7. Conifer Health Solutions

Based in Frisco, Texas, Conifer Health Solutions is a successful health information services firm with over 30 years of experience and 800+ medical clients. Conifer’s 14,500 team members aim to provide value-based solutions that drive clinical and financial performance. It’s estimated that their services process over $ 29 billion net revenue annually. Conifer Health Solutions debuted at #66 on Forbes’ list of “America’s Best Employers” in 2016. Coders are currently being hired for work from home opportunities with competitive $ 3,000 sign-on bonuses. Jobs for billing specialists and cancer registry consultants with at least two years of experience are also open.

Check out Conifer Health Solutions’ Medical Billing and Coding Jobs here.

8. LexiCode

Established in 1981, LexiCode is a high-quality coding and billing consulting service that’s a subsidiary of SourceHOV. From its headquarters in Columbia, South Carolina, LexiCode employs around 300 HIM professionals with benefits packages. In 2014, the company was declared a “Best in Category Leader” by KLAS Enterprises LLC. LexiCode has previously advertised $ 10,000 sign-on bonuses for inpatient and outpatient surgery coders. Full-time and part-time remote jobs are frequently available, but applicants must hold RHIT or CPC certification. Holding a two-year associate degree will fulfill the experience requirements. LexiCode declares a special mission to employ military veterans too.

Check out Lexicode’s Medical Billing and Coding Jobs here.

9. Anthelio Healthcare Solutions

Anthelio Healthcare Solutions is a large healthcare technology company in Dallas, Texas, that provides revenue cycle management services for over 63,000 physicians. Anthelio supports annual revenue above $ 67 billion for over 60 million patients. The business’s 16-year dedication to excellence lead to being ranked #1 for HIM outsourcing solutions by Black Book. Anthelio Healthcare Solutions’ cutting-edge technology was also featured on FOX Business. Medical coders and billers can find remote HIM processing jobs. Anthelio generally only requires three months of relevant experience, but active CTR or CPC credential is necessary.

Check out Anthelio Healthcare Solutions’ Medical Billing and Coding Jobs here.

10. The Coding Network

The Coding Network only hires remote, independent contractors to provide HIPAA-approved coding solutions across 55 physician specialties. Since its founding in 1995 by Mark Babst and Neal Green, TCN has grow to over 650 coders working across the United States. Based in Beverly Hills, California, The Coding Network is affiliated with the Healthcare Billing & Management Association (HBMA). More than 500,000 charts are coded by TCN staff each month! To apply for telecommuting work, candidates must be AAPC or AHIMA certified with 3+ years of experience. Passing a specialty coding proficiency exam is part of the hiring process.

Check out The Coding Network’s Medical Billing and Coding Jobs here.

Top Medical Coding Schools

Some Smart Ways To Find Coder

Computer coders have specialization in computer programming. These professionals are important parts of a website. Computer coders are also known as computer programmers. These professionals are qualified people. Their main job involves writing computer programs. These programs involve specially designed scripting languages.

If you have a business and it is supported by a website, it is ideally recommended that you should find a coder. However, finding a coder that can match your requirement is not an easy job. Most often, it becomes a challenging task to find a coder or to find a designer with required level of skill. If you try to find out a qualified and experienced coder, be guided by the following tips.

Advertisements can play effective role in your effort to find a coder. Once you are on a coder-finding campaign, create an advertisement to be published in newspapers and job portals. While starting an ad campaign to find a coder, make sure that you have decided about the type of coder that you are going to recruit. Common eligibility benchmark that involves in the search of a coder is C++. If you need a computer coding professional with some additional qualification and skill, you should mention it in the advertisement campaign that you would initiate.

Apart from newspapers, you can also post the advertisement on online job boards. While getting your advertisement published, ensure that you have mentioned your own contact number and email address in the advertisement. It would help professional coders get in touch with you.

Computer coding professionals offer their services both on regular basis and on freelance basis. Therefore, you should have clear picture in your mind how you are going to hire the services of the coding professional. In case you want to find a coder on freelance basis, you can get benefited by any of the various freelance marketplaces that you would find on the internet.

Steve Harmision writes about freelancing jobs and provides fruitful information about best freelance projects. To find a coder or find a designer for your project, please visit

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What are the Best Places to Find Traveling Medical Coding and Billing Jobs?

Top Medical Coding Schools

Image Source

Being stagnant in a desk job can be dull and tiresome for many. Having the flexibility to travel and see the world while earning a steady income isn’t feasible in most careers, except medical coding and billing. Travel coders are certified, experienced professionals who receive short-term assignments in different health facilities. Traveling medical coding and billing jobs allow you to visit various medical offices for collecting, analyzing, monitoring, and recording diagnosis codes. According to AAPC, the job outlook for medical coding and billing is bright as the field grows by 21 percent. If you’re looking for the freedom to flutter around the country, here are some great places to find traveling medical coding and billing jobs.

Maxim Health Information Services

Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, Maxim Health Information Services is a privately held, healthcare staffing company founded in 2001. Employing over 60,000 health professionals nationwide, Maxim is a fast-growing service offering on-site and remote coding support to licensed clinical practices, including VA medical centers. Committed to quality, Maxim won the 2014 Best Practice Award for compliance training from Health Ethics Trust. Current listings for Maxim include travel medical coding and billing jobs. Maxim hires credentialed HIM specialists with at least one year of clinical documentation experience. While visiting cities across the United States, MHIS employees receive competitive salaries and free ICD-10 training.

Randstad Healthcare

Established in 2012, Randstad Healthcare is a medical staffing firm located in Woburn, Massachusetts, with over 600 U.S. branches. As part of the $ 22.9 billion Randstad Holding NV, the company matches qualified health professionals with over 1,400 facilities nationwide. In 2015, Randstad won Inavero’s “Best of Staffing” Award for talent satisfaction. Certified by the National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations (NATHO), Randstad offers travel positions from four to 26 weeks. Travel coders receive competitive benefits packages with housing subsidies, travel reimbursement, 401(k) plans, insurance, and bonuses. Getting hired by Randstad will require CPC certification and at least one year of experience.


With over 10,000 employees, M*Modal is a public clinical documentation company serving healthcare providers nationwide from its headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee. Since 2001, M*Modal has grown to transcribe and code more than 400 million dictation minutes yearly. Last year, M*Modal was among the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Top Tech 50 finalists. The website reports that M*Modal is presently hiring remote and traveling coders. M*Modal has in-house training to prepare employees for applying ICD-10 codes for its 3,800+ clients. Sign-on bonuses, paid holidays, mentoring, and travel reimbursement are included. Holding CCS or CPC credentials and two years of experience is expected.

These are among the best places to find traveling medical coding and billing jobs. Other great companies include Aviacode, SourceMed, and Healthcare Resource Group. For more opportunities, consider joining the AAPC and searching the job board. LinkedIn groups are also available for recruiting talented coding and billing specialists. Being determined in your research can help you leave your cubicle and land a traveling job.

Want to earn the qualifications for the above jobs? Check out The 10 Best Online Medical Coding Programs and The Top 10 Medical Billing and Coding Schools

Top Medical Coding Schools

10 Great Places to Find International Medical Billing and Coding Jobs

Top Medical Coding Schools

Image Source

Adventurous, inquisitive medical coders, medical billers, and health informatics technology professionals can benefit greatly from pursuing international medical billing and coding jobs. While securing a stable paycheck, international coders and billers are able to see the world and immerse themselves in different cultures. Learning a new language and working in a diverse workplace help develop key skills for today’s healthcare industry. International job opportunities are booming because more health organizations are outsourcing their clinical documentation needs. Healthcare provider outsourcing grew by 31 percent from 2011 to 2016 according to the MGMA. Another perk to international contracts is higher income potential because cost of living is generally lower.

Featured Programs

Top 10 Medical Billing and Coding Schools
15 Best Remote Medical Coding Training Programs Online
10 Best Online Health Informatics/Health Information Management Degree Programs

If you’ve decided to venture abroad upon completion of your medical billing and coding school training, here are 10 Great Places to Find International Medical Billing and Coding Jobs:

1. STARTEK Health

Founded in1987, STARTEK Health is one of the world’s largest multi-national, medical staffing solutions company employing over 11,000 Brand Warriors globally. Based in Greenwood Village, Colorado, STARTEK has international locations in Jamaica, Canada, Honduras, and the Philippines. In 2014, the company won the CRM Excellence Award from Customer magazine for its IT-enabled services. International or remote jobs are available at STARTEK for medical coding, billing, and remote patient monitoring. According to Glassdoor, the average yearly salary with STARTEK Health is $ 32,430. Medical coding and billing positions will require holding CPC or RHIT credentials with at least two years of experience.

Learn more about International Medical Billing and Coding Jobs at STARTEK Health here.

2. Global Medical Recruiting

Headquartered in South Africa, Global Medical Recruiting is a leading, privately held medical staffing company serving the Middle East since 2007. GM Recruiting specializes in placing Western expat professionals in healthcare facilities in Russia, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and other countries. Currently, there are 160 job openings listed through Global Medical Recruiting for everything from biomedical engineering to podiatric medicine and dietetics. The Health Information Management (HIM) division has openings for certified coding specialists with three-year overseas contracts. Positions offer generous tax-free, Grade 112 salary with housing allowances and subsidized healthcare. Having two to three years of experience with ICD-10-CM coding is mandatory.

Learn more about International Medical Billing and Coding Jobs at Global Medical Recruiting here.

3. Parexel International Corporation

Valued at $ 2 billion, Parexel International Corporation is a premier multi-national, medical device and pharmaceutical firm employing around 18,600 workers worldwide. From its headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts, Parexel runs offices in 51 countries, including China, Argentina, Turkey, and Finland. As a Gold Stevie Award winner, Parexel was named the 2015 Clinical Innovator of the Year. Parexel International Corporation hires HIT technicians, medical billing specialists, and clinical data analysts across the globe. On average, medical coding and billing jobs with Parexel earn $ 51,219 per year. Jobs in records management will prefer bachelor’s degrees, AAPC certifications, and 3+ years of experience.

Learn more about International Medical Billing and Coding Jobs at Parexel International Corporations here.

4. Ramsay Health Care

Operating 212 hospitals, Ramsay Health Care is a gigantic, global health organization located in Sydney, Australia, since 1964. With over 50,000 employees, Ramsay is among the world’s top five provide hospital operators. In 2012, Ramsay was honored with the prestigious Laing & Buisson Independent Healthcare Award of excellence. Medical coding and billing specialists can help process reimbursement for Ramsay’s over 2.5 million patients each year. International opportunities exist in Australia, France, United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Clinical coding jobs are frequently listed for medical staff completing associate HIMAA training and at least one year of experience. Hired coders access the Ramsay Employee Benefit Club.

Learn more about International Medical Billing and Coding Jobs at Ramsay Health Care here.

5. Vancouver Coastal Health

Serving over 1 million patients in British Columbia, Vancouver Coastal Health is a publicly funded, regional medical authority administering 13 hospitals and 15 community clinics. Since 2001, VCH has grown to staff 20,000 employees from the North Shore to the Sunshine Coast. The hospital operator has won two Gold Quill Awards of Excellence and a BC Patient Safety and Quality Award. Medical coding and billing professionals looking to work in Canada will find several job opportunities with VCH. Health record technician jobs typically pay $ 27 to $ 34 per hour with benefits and relocation assistance. Passing the Canadian HIMA exam with 2+ years of coding experience is preferred.

Learn more about International Medical Billing and Coding Jobs at Vancouver Coastal Health here.

6. Global Revenue Cycle Partners

Affiliated with the HBMA, Global Revenue Cycle Partners was established in 2011 as a multi-national healthcare outsourcing firm with revenue-generating services. The ANAB-accredited company is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, but has a global office in Bangalore, India. As a BPO market leader, Global Revenue Cycle Partners employs around 1,000 healthcare employees. Medical coders with six months to two years of coding experience are hired in America and overseas. Preference is given to coders specializing in radiology or emergency medicine. Executive AR positions are available for graduates with 3+ years in medical billing. The fastest-growing offshore medical billing company has hiring events multiple times yearly.

Learn more about International Medical Billing and Coding Jobs at Global Revenue Cycle Partners here.

7. Robert Half International

Named among the “World’s Most Admired Companies” in Fortune, Robert Half International is a publicly traded, staffing firm located in Menlo Park, California, with 450+ global locations. Generating $ 5 billion in revenue, Robert Half has approximately 16,100 employees in various fields. Consulting magazine granted the company the Protiviti Award for Excellence in Social and Community Investment. The Healthcare IT Staffing division recruits medical coding and billing professionals for organizations like Allscripts and McKesson. Job opportunities span the globe from Singapore and New Zealand to Switzerland and Brazil. Certified medical coders with AAPC credentials and ICD-9 or CPT coding knowledge are in-demand. Full-time positions generally pay $ 20 to $ 25 per hour.

Learn more about International Medical Billing and Coding Jobs at Robert Half International here.

8. Cerner Corporation

On the Forbes Global 2000 list, Cerner Corporation is a $ 19.8-billion dollar healthcare services company supplying information technology solutions to clinics worldwide. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Cerner employs around 22,200 HIT professionals for revenue cycle management. Each year, clients of Cerner are selected for the elite Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award and HIMSS Nicholas E. Davies Award. Cerner affiliates with over 14,000 facilities in diverse countries like Ireland, India, Egypt, Chile, and Malaysia. Cerner Corporation often hires medical coders and billers with ability to travel up to 80 percent. Holding an accredited associate degree with CPC certification and two to three years of experience is essential.

Learn more about International Medical Billing and Coding Jobs at Cerner Corporation here.

9. Med-X International Claims

With over 28 years of experience, Med-X International Claims is a world-class, multi-national billing management company working with physicians and hospitals globally. In general, Med-X negotiates managed care contracts with 10 to 30 percent. Based in Matawan, New Jersey, the company has offices in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. Med-X International Claims hires experienced medical coders, billing specialists, and billing coordinators. Having completed at least an associate degree and garnered CPC certification is required. High accuracy rates above 95 percent are preferred. Positions range from trainee to temporary and full-time. Salary, benefits, and travel allowances are competitive.

Learn more about International Medical Billing and Coding Jobs at Med-x International Claims here.

10. Promantra Synergy Solutions

Founded in 2003, Promantra Synergy Solutions is a HIPAA compliant, revenue cycle management company that’s headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, with a global office in Hyderabad. Their specialties include medical transcription, coding, billing, and claims recovery. Freshers and professionals are encouraged to join Promantra’s HIT team of over 500 employees. Currently, there are 12 medical coding positions open in Hyderabad for CCS and CPC certified candidates with at least three years of experience. Competency with Microsoft Office and ICD-9-CM coding is required. International salaries from Promantra average ₹15,000 per month. Shifts can be irregular because the company guarantees coding and billing services in under 25 hours.

Learn more about International Medical Billing and Coding Jobs at Promantra Synergy Solutions here.

Still looking for places to find international medical billing and coding jobs? Other excellent firms to consider are Kareo, CoreMedical Group, M*Modal, and AccuretRCM.

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Top Medical Coding Schools

Practical Ideas To Find A Coder

Computer coders are also referred to as computer programmers. Coders are trained professionals whose main job responsibility is to write programs with the help of specifically designed scripting languages. It is possible for many to have knowledge about product as well as marketing script. But it may not possible for them to create the product and marketing script digitally. Due to potential growth in the business of computers and internet, finding skilled coders for writing computer programs holds high importance for entrepreneurs these days.

If you are an entrepreneur and you want to find a coder but you do not know how to proceed, you have nothing to worry. The following tips and ideas would guide you in the best possible way.

Get an advertisement created. This trick works well if you are up to find a coder. You can have a cutting-edge advertisement to be published in newspapers or to be posted on job portals. This wonderful trick can fetch you desired result. However, before you post an advertisement, you should have clear idea about your requirement. You have to decide what type of coding professional you should hire. You should also know for how long you plan to have the service of your hired coding professional.

Post your advertisement to online job portals or get it published in popular newspapers. Make sure that the advertisement that you are going to publish contains your contact number as well as your email ID. If meeting the coder in person is not a condition, you should explore the option of hiring the services of freelance coders. In order to find a skilled coder on freelance basis, your best option is to take the help of trusted freelance marketplaces like, and others. As, an employer, you can use these marketplaces either to find a coder or to find a designer of your choice.

Steve Harmision writes about freelancing jobs and provides fruitful information about best freelance projects. To find a coder or find a designer for your project, please visit

Where To Find CPC Training?

The Drivers CPC, also called the “Driver Certificate of Professional Competence” has been introduced to the United Kingdom through the directive, 2009/59. All HGV coach and bus drivers must have this qualification to drive professionally. The Drivers CPC aims to improve road safety, expand on current drivers’ knowledge and expertise, and make sure new drivers have the proper knowledge and expertise. One of the CPC training courses is the Drivers CPC initial training course. This is specifically for new entrants who must have LGV Cat C1 or C and want to be a professional driver. This course seeks to verify that one has the proper skills to be a professional HGV driver. The initial course is broken down into four modules that must be completed. The first module is simply a theory test in which you must get at least 85 of the 100 questions correct and an additional Hazard Perception theory test in which you must get 67 of the 100 questions right. The second module is a theory case study exam which is based upon case studies and scenarios. Module number three is the LGV practical driving test in which you must drive on different roads in all sorts of conditions to see how you adapt to different situations. This test lasts for an hour and a half. Module four is a practical associated knowledge exam designed to test your ability ensure vehicle and load safety. After completing these four modules, you will be given a Driver CPC qualification card. You will be ready to begin professional driving and must take a periodic course every five years afterwards. Searching for cpc training courses online is probably the best route to go. I don’t believe that there is any on-site course you can take that can compete with the flexibility and convenience provide by an online course.


Barry Summers

Drivers CPC information can be found at Cambrian Training Services

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