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Click here for more sample CPC practice exam questions and answers with full rationale

What is Medical Coding Training?

Undergoing medical coding training is essential for a lot of people in the medical industry. Medical institutions and organization also benefit from certified professional coders. The benefits that is provides to both coders and medical bodies are so good that more and more professional coders are prompting to have medical coding training first before looking for coding jobs. Certified professional coders or CPCs are indeed more sought after than normal professional coders because of the added skills they have in managing medical and healthcare information like ICD-9 coding.

Organizations that make use of Medical Coding Jobs

Most organizations that use professional coders require medical coding training and certifications for the said job. From the major organizations to the minor ones, medical coders are important to keeping important information in order and accessible whenever needed. Offices of physicians up to home healthcare agencies have medical coders. The information in the medical industry must be well organized and kept safe for future use of the organizations, doctors, as well as patients. Some of the organizations that give medical coding jobs include offices of physicians, hospitals, insurance agencies, healthcare agencies, nursing homes, and medical billing agencies.

Information used by Medical Coders

Medical coding training requires medical coders to be familiar with a lot of medical terms. One example of this is being competent with ICD-9 coding. ICD-9 coding is the classification of diseases that medical coders need to be aware of. Medical coders that have undergone medical coding training will be able to read medical charts and give out accurate medical diagnosis codes for a wide range of clinical cases and services as well. There are procedure and supply codes in the medical field as well and these are also important for medical coders. Procedure codes are called CPT or Current Procedural Terminology while supply codes or Medicare codes are called HCPCS or Health Care Procedural Coding System. The amount of information about these codes is so many that doctors and healthcare agencies will be in disarray if they attempt to know it aside from their main functions. That is why there are medical coders.

Medical Coding Training Program Information

There are many medical coding training programs offered institutions but some aren’t geared towards being certified medical coders. In CPC medical coding training, students and/or coders will be trained to know all medical coding systems that will help in their coding certification exam. Applying for medical coding training from institutions that base their training on the AAPC or American Academy of Professional Coders curriculum has a great advantage over normal medical coding programs since the AAPC is the organization that handles the national coding exam.

Overall, undergoing medical coding training is very important for aspiring medical coders since it helps them prepare for the medical certification coding exam which could help them have a better future. Being fully trained to be a coder will also definitely help medical institutions in providing the needs of patients with their medical cases. There is a lot of terminologies and codes in the medical industry; and that is why medical coding training would be very helpful to future medical coders and the medical industry as well.


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